13 tips against boredom in quarantine

Written by: Sabine Klug, 04.2.2021

Due to the corona virus, we are currently forced to change our behavior and adapt to the given situation. All universities are closed, we are not allowed to have direct contact with our friends and have to stay at home. In order to not have you get bored, we brought together a list full of interesting ideas on how to spend your time in quarantine. This way you can use your time in a meaningful and entertaining way instead of just laying around and waiting for the time to pass.

Stream current blockbusters and series

You can stream on almost all of your devices – whether TV, mobile phone, PlayStation, tablet or laptop. And after all, what better way to pass the time than a good film or a series marathon? Now you have the opportunity to finally see all episodes of your favorite series in one go. And that too, without having to have a guilty conscience. The most common providers for this are:

And so that you don’t have to look alone, some providers have great plug-ins. With Netflix Party, for example, you can watch series with your friends and family and chat at the same time.

Advance your studies

Due to the closure of the universities, it is currently not so easy to advance your own studies. Right now, however, you have the opportunity to catch up on learning deficits and bring order to the chaos that may exist. Don’t postpone everything until tomorrow, but sit down and bring all your documents into shape, learn vocabulary or deepen the last chapters of study material. Do you need help with this? No problem! In our blog post “Little Helpers – The Best Student Apps” we give you valuable tips for learning apps. We wish you a lot of success!


Now you have the almost unique opportunity to just do nothing for once, to relax and focus on yourself. Deceleration is the buzzword of the time. There are many ways to shut down your “operating mode”. Here are the most common:

For example, you can relax and listen to your favorite music and browse through various playlists. Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music offer you an incredible variety of songs from a wide variety of music genres. Another option is to pick up a book again or choose an interesting audio book. You don’t have a good book to hand right now? No problem either! Many local bookstores offer you contactless shopping and delivery options during the crisis. Just give your nearest bookstore a call or check their website for more information.

Are reading and listening to music too mainstream for you? How about meditating and doing yoga? Yoga describes both the state of clear mind and strong body and the way to this state. Countless tutorials can be found online and on social media that you can start even without any prior knowledge. So why not use the current situation and the available time for this?

Still haven’t found the right place to relax? Then let’s raise heavier guns: Snuggle up in your bed and sleep in, so you can relax too!

Educate yourself

Have you always wanted to learn very specific things, but have never had the time? Well now you probably have it! Sure, you can’t just go out and register at the nearest community college, but that’s not an obstacle these days. There are numerous online platforms where you can buy online seminars. Some are even made available for free. Start with small projects: learn to knit, crochet, fold origami, play chess or sew on buttons. YouTube is very suitable for such projects. You can watch the videos again and again, try things out, imitate and learn. If you have something bigger in mind, we will of course be happy to help you out with ideas:

  • Learn a new language or deepen your knowledge: A very popular way to learn languages ​​is the Babbel app.
  • Improve your cooking skills: Numerous providers offer their cooking courses online
  • Discofox, Cha Cha Cha and Slow Waltz? How about a dance? Many dance schools also offer courses online that you can practice on your own. The advantage is: Nobody is watching you, which is probably even better with some dream dancers at the beginning.
  • Painting with a lot of joy and ease – at least that is what some online providers of painting courses promise. Just try it out; now you have the time!

Visit a museum online

Even in times of crisis, cultural activities do not have to fall by the wayside. Many museums offer virtual tours right now. You can look at the exhibitions directly from the couch. With Google Arts & Culture you can visit 1,200 international museums, including some Austrian ones such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Albertina or the Leopold Museum! Numerous galleries, exhibition venues and museums – from New York to St. Petersburg – can easily be marveled at virtually.

Try not to get lonely

Despite the curfew and safety distance, we should still try not to get lonely and try to stay in contact with our friends and family. Fortunately, there are many ways we can do this these days. With a little practice, we can also get our grandparents and parents to use video chats and talk to the whole family in group chats. We have put together the five most popular video chat programs for you:

  • Skype for Windows, Mac and Linus as well as an app download for iOS and Android available
  • WhatsApp for Windows and Mac and available as an app download for iOS and Android
  • Signal is available for Windows and Mac as well as an app download for iOS and Android
  • Face Time available as an app download for iOS
  • Google Duo available as an app download for Android

Shop, shop, shop

And if nothing works, shopping helps – but online of course! Just because you’re not allowed out at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye out for the upcoming summer fashion. We only have one important request: In order to help local companies even in times of crisis, we ask you to buy regionally in particular. Many Austrian companies have adjusted to the current situation and are now offering their goods in online shops.

Create order: physically and virtually

Now is the perfect time to finally restore order at home. Tidy up your room or apartment, redesign a little and reorganize your wardrobe. But not only your room should be spruced up: Make backup copies of your cell phone and your computer or finally take care of your numerous data memories again. The motto is: clear out, dispose of garbage data, sort photos and clean up the e-mail inbox.

Stay active

Fitness studios are closed and we are only allowed to go out as little as absolutely necessary. But these are no reasons to get lazy. After all, the internet has a myriad of fitness and gym training programs that you can do from home. Either you get advice in blogs for home workout exersises and tutorials or you can be guided in the form of online training lessons.

Do you prefer sport and exercise to music? No problem either! How about Zumba, aerobic dance, Latin dance training or similar dance training? You can find many of them on YouTube or on fitness channels like Cyberobics. The spectrum ranges from courses for beginners and advanced to those led by trainers. You might also want to watch a few videos of sports and exercise that you don’t know very well and try them out.

Be a little child again

How about a little trip to your own childhood? You could search online for your old favorite children’s series and, for example, watch the “Show with the Mouse”. A few small handicrafts could also keep boredom at bay. Or you can really work hard and make your own modeling clay. All you need is the following ingredients:

400 grams of flour, 200 grams of salt, 2 tablespoons of citric acid, 500 milliliters of boiling water, 3 tablespoons of cooking oil, liquid food coloring.

Now mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl, then knead everything with your hands to form a smooth dough and you’re done! Have fun with it.

Play (in a team or against each other)

The app stores are full of multiplayer games. Play with your friends, family or challenge complete strangers. The choices are almost unlimited: knowledge duels, Mario Kart, city-country-river, board games, sporting challenges or strategy games. Simply download the necessary app, start the game and search for opponents or allies. Boredom is not an option!

Uplift your mood (through funny videos)

Usually we are always annoyed by all the cat videos or oops movies that we get sent via email or social media. Now is your time to search for the best videos yourself. Browse the funniest, embarrassing videos you can find on YouTube. Believe us: there are some real treasures there. So you can simply laugh away all the boredom. Or you can become active yourself and shoot your own home videos with your mobile phone at home.

Create a bucket list

There will also be a time after the curfew and after the Corona crisis. Create a bucket list for it! You wonder what that is exactly? A bucket list is a listing of all those things that you absolutely want to do, see and experience before you die. Think about your dreams and wishes and put them on paper. There are hardly any rules for making this list. It is only important that you remain realistic. Here we have summarized some ideas and suggestions for you:

  • Destinations
  • Charitable purposes
  • Personal future planning as in the classic form of building a house, getting married or having children
  • Professional goals
  • Learn new languages
  • Sporting goals such as learning to ski, parachuting, water skiing or running a marathon
  • Animal encounters like swimming with dolphins or petting a giraffe
  • Learn an instrument
  • Fulfilling private wishes, for example kissing in the rain or walking barefoot on the beach
  • New body jewelry: getting a tattoo or piercing

We hope that we were able to provide you with some suggestions and ideas with which you can spend the time happily, creatively and meaningfully.

In this sense: #stayhome #stayhome


We are happy to help!