Halloween ideas: How to celebrate Halloween despite Corona!

Written by: Hannes Wagner, Oct 28, 2021

For you, October is a season of its own and Halloween is the most important (not yet official) holiday of the year? Do you want to dress up despite Corona and get scared by something else than a virus? You came to the right place!

We put together 10 shockingly good tips that will help you to have a terribly beautiful and successful evening (while observing the Corona rules and hygiene measures of course)!

1. Party at home

You don’t want to miss paying homage to the witches, ghosts and half-dead on October 31st? Then invite some friends over and throw your own party! Although there are currently no exact guidelines for private parties, we recommend that you only hold small get-togethers within your own four walls, respect the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested), wash your hands thoroughly and implement hygiene measures as best as you can.

Games like Beer Pong are currently rather unsuitable, but how about, for example, trying something new and laying out tarot cards for everyone? Perfect for this occasion.

2. Virtual costume party

Due to the current situation, some of your friends still aren’t at the same place as you? But you want to celebrate Halloween together because Corona has already come in-between your plans far too often this last year? No problem! By now everybody knows MS Teams, Zoon, Skype and more. So how about all of you dress up at home and meet in a virtual chat room? Everyone dresses up as scarily as possible and the best outfit is chosen! Not only your costume is important here, but also the perfect make-up look. Get our ideas for Halloween make-up looks to make sure you impress everybody!

Since 2020 and 2021 were truly bewitched years, they also offer some new ideas for scary costumes! Let your imagination run wild and instead of the annual ghost or the wicked witch, simply disguise yourself as an empty toilet roll, virus or the last pack of pasta in the supermarket! A lot of people will be really scared, guaranteed!

3. Outdoor Halloween Parade

You don’t want to celebrate without real people, ideally show your costume to the whole world but still keep your distance? No problem! How about a Halloween parade? Maybe your city even offers a Halloween walk and if not, gather your friends and fellow students and roam the night together! But be careful, at midnight the ghosts come to life! :)

If you take drinks with you on the way, grab a couple of cups so that you do not have to drink from the same bottle as everyone else, so that you can observe the recommended hygiene measures here!

4. Escape Room

You don’t just want to watch the next horror story, you want to be right in the middle of it? Then an Escape Room is just the right adventure for you!

The Escape Room trend is already very established in Austria. Whether Vienna, Graz or Villach – in many cities there are already a lot of escape games that combine exciting challenges and exciting group games. Halloween Special Editions guarantee goosebumps and an extra scary adventure! The only question that remains: Do you dare?

5. A visit to the cinema

A lot of cinemas offer a special Halloween program on October 31st. Grab your best friends, buy a pack of gummy worms and go watch a horror classic or the new “Halloween Kills”!

Most cinemas in Austria already implement strong safety and hygiene measures through 3G rules and extra measures, so that you can concentrate fully on the evening and not on Corona! It will definitely get scary with cult Halloween films like the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”!

6. Movies for Halloween

Whether IT scares you, The Conjuring won’t let you sleep or you want to deal with a real life horror problem, namely racism, in the movie Get Out, October 31st offers the ideal opportunity to persuade your roommates to have a movie night! Maybe you even have a projector available and can create your own cinema feeling!

Another possibility to organize a spooky movie night with friends is Netflix – Party! You are together in a virtual cinema and can be at a distance but still shudder together!

7. Carve a pumpkin

Do you prefer coziness to horror? Then this year we suggest you decorate a pumpkin with a terribly beautiful face! This also works well as a party preparation or as a fun activity with your roommates – this decoration idea will definitely lead to great results! In addition, the pumpkin carving is super sustainable and much more creative than hanging up plastic garlands, for example! After carving, simply place a candle or an electric tea light in the pumpkin and your Halloween decoration is complete!

Bonus tip: buy an eatable pumpkin instead of an ornamental pumpkin, roast the seeds or make pumpkin soup with the leftovers!

8. Haunted museum

Why not try something completely new this Halloween? Inquire if there are museums in your city that will make you shiver! Torture museums, old catacombs or crypts are normally not part of the typical Halloween plan, but offer a cool alternative for this year! Funny or spooky? The Clown Museum would be perfect for Halloween.

9. Halloween Snacks

No matter whether you are celebrating a party on Halloween, spending your evening watching horror films or simply presenting your costume on the streets of your city, the night of horror naturally includes the perfect snacks! We took inspiration from “Sally’s Welt” for Halloween finger food with a creepy twist. There are mummies, filled eggs and this time you don’t only eat with your eyes, but they’re an integral part of the buffet as well! Literally.

10. Scary Drinks

What cannot be missing on a successful student Halloween party? Exactly, the drinks! In order to not only dine in the Halloween spirit, we also have some cool ideas for scary drinks for you!

The Nr. 1 classic Halloween cocktail is a Bloody Mary. But if vodka, tomato juice and Tabasco do not meet your expectations of a good cocktail, this year you can simply try Halloween cocktail recipes such as a Black Magic Martini or the Potion de Muerto!

Bonus tip: the decoration counts! Beautify your favorite cocktails with rubber spiders (from the next € 1 shop), or matching gummy snacks such as sour worms, gummy snakes or maybe even eyeballs! If your budget allows it, you can also serve the drinks in unusual glasses such as test tubes or disposable syringes from the pharmacy!

For the alcohol-free version, we recommend blood orange juice or various syrups such as woodruff or grenadine!


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