Where to Study: Helpful questions

After graduating from secondary school, many ask themselves the same questions: “What should I study?” “What exactly should I consider when choosing a place to study?” Here are some suggestions that will help you with your choice:

Have you always known what you wanted to be? Congratulations! However, if you still don’t know where your journey will take you, there’s nothing to worry about. Thankfully, there are a lot of study programs from which to choose.

1. Take a test to determine your preferred field of study

Whether you choose a public university or a teaching college, a polytechnic or a private university, your decision-making process should not only depend on interests and preferences but also on future career opportunities and financial aspects. There are several tests which analyse your strengths and weaknesses and suggest fields of study.

  1. Check the content of the field of study

Once you have decided on a field, you still must choose the location of the institution. Something that might help with your decision is to find out if your studies are available only at one institute. But what if there are a few potential study locations? In that case it’s best to inquire about the exact content of the program and concentration of studies. These can vary from location to location. You can also clarify how practical the studies are and whether there’s the possibility of studying one or more semesters abroad. Don’t forget about certain admission requirements which may narrow down your choice and of course, consider the college’s reputation.

  1. Life at the Campus, transport and more

Apart from your studies there can be other factors influencing your decision:

  • How student-friendly is the campus? What’s life at the campus like?
  • Is there a wide offer of apartments or dormitories?
  • How easy is it to reach your university or college by public transport?
  • How far from home are you willing to live?
  1. Instructive open days

In case you’re uncertain about your decision, you can attend open days at different colleges. On the platform ’studieren probieren’ of the ÖH (Austrian Students’ Association) you can find the events calendar. During an open day, a student of your desired field accompanies you to a selected course and answers all your questions. This allows you to get a good insight into student life at a specific location.


We are happy to help!