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In the following we provide a collection of current media reports about STUWO as well as selected press photos. The pictures may be used free of charge only for purpose of reporting on STUWO. The copyrights must be marked by ©STUWO.

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STUWO in the media

Mein Bezirk, Issue week 19/17.7.2019

Article about STUWO Villach

Österreichische Immobilien Zeitung, 15. Juli 2019

Welt der Immobilien im Wandel

Wien Magazin, Issue 07/2019

Smart Apartments, Schlechtastraße

Weekend Magazin, Issue 05/2019

Report on STUWO StudentCity Graz

ÖGNB Certificate Award, March 2019

Der Standard, 10. March 2019

Vienna becomes a dorm city

WOHNART, Issue 01/2019

Interview with Board MMag. Huemer

Magazin Ehe + Familien, Issue 01/2019

Interview with our Boards MMag. Huemer and Mag. Hochhauser

Information Brochure Future2Come, Issue 2019

Der Grazer, 19.2.2017

Dorm Opening Ceremony “Rekord-Fenster” at STUWO StudentCity

Klipp Magazin, May 2016

Groundbreaking Ceremony in Grazer Westen

Die Presse, December 2014

People and Business

Wirtschaftsblatt, 28.11.2014

Student apartments – ‘Wir haben einen Nerv getroffen’

Elektrojournal, December 2014

BKS Tectalk – What do student dorms need?

PunktUm, December 2014

BKS Tectalk – Triumph of a new assets group

Press release

Press release, Erste ÖSW Wohnbauträger GmbH, December 2018

Groundbreking Ceremony STUWO dorm in Linz

Press release, Erste ÖSW Wohnbauträger GmbH, October 2018

Opening Ceremony of STUWO Seestadt Aspern, Wien 22. district

Press release STUWO Seestadt Aspern

Press release, Erste ÖSW Wohnbauträger GmbH, June 2017

Topping Out Ceremony of STUWO Seestadt Aspern

Press release STUWO Seestadt Aspern

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