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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about applying, moving in and out, contract and other aspects you might be interested in.

You can apply at any time, but remember: “The sooner, the better” Applications are non-binding. This means that you can apply even if you still have not passed the entrance examination or the final exam.

You can apply for our STUWO dormitories if you are starting an apprenticeship that requires an entrance examination or a high school diploma. You are also welcome if you are a recent graduate starting a new job or establishing a start-up.

In exceptional cases we also consider applications from students from institutions such as HTL, HAK or HASCH. However, we can only accept applications from students that have already reached the age of 18 years or if you are younger than that, with a written permission from your parents.

As soon as we receive your application, we will transfer your data to our administration program. You are already on our waiting list! Once we get all necessary documents (e.g. school attendance certificate, certificate of completion or enrolment confirmation) we will assign you an available apartment or room. Of course, this will happen if we have enough places available. Are you an Erasmus student? Then we also need the letter of admission to the Erasmus program.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve an apartment.

Of course! Exchange and Erasmus students are welcome here as well. After all, our STUWO student homes are a melting pot of innumerable nations. Around 4.500 students from over 43 countries live in our dorms. The minimum contract duration is three months.

Once we receive your application, we will do our best to make you an offer as soon as possible. If no apartment is available in your desired dormitory, it is worth taking a look at our vacancy exchange list.

You can send your documents by e-mail, fax or post to the following addresses:



+43 1 404 93 678


Triester Straße 40
1100 Wien

A single application is enough for your data to be recorded in our system. Therefore, we do not consider multiple applications. Should something change in your application or should you have additional requests, then please let us know by e-mail to the following address:

Important: When entering the application data, please make sure you enter the correct names of the STUWO dormitories of your choice. We give you several choices and will only accept subsequent changes.

Yes! When applying, you can select several STUWO dormitories at the same time. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for us to fulfill your wishes one hundred percent but we’ll do our best to help you get your favorite dorm.

Have you entered and confirmed your data? If your application has successfully reached our server, you will receive an automatic confirmation. Note that if you submit documents, we will not issue any further acknowledgment. If documents are still missing from the application, we will request them separately.

Our Resident Managers carry out the assignment of the apartments. If you have any questions, you can contact them directly.

We are happy to welcome you to our dorms! Before moving in, please keep the following information in mind:

  • Arrange a move-in date with our resident managers ahead of time. You will receive your key and a small dorm introduction.
  • Complete the SEPA mandate for your existing account in the EU and submit it. (Note: If you do not have a bank account in any EU country, including EFTA, you will need to open an account in Austria and set up a SEPA mandate.)
  • Please transfer the first monthly fee and the deposit.
  • Please send all contracts and supporting documents back to us.
  • Moving-in is possible by appointment with the Resident Managers!

When you get your new apartment, you should bring the following items:

  • Own bed linen (bed sheets, pillowcases and blanket)
  • Personal tableware and cutlery
  • Detergent (washing machines and dryers are available for a fee)
  • ATM card with NFC function for the launderette

Orientation at your new STUWO dormitory will be as follows:

  • Touring the respective dormitory
  • Signing the inventory list
  • Handing over of the key (by our Resident Manager)
  • Completing the registration form (this requires the resident manager‘s signature)

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) was established on February 1st, 2014. As a result, you need a so-called SEPA direct debit mandate to transfer the monthly user fee which lists us, the STUWO AG, as the payee. You are requested to submit the SEPA direct debit mandate together with our contract.

  • Are you from outside the European Union? (EU countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden , Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, United Kingdom and Cyprus)
  • Are you from outside EFTA states? (EFTA states: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland)
  • Are you from outside Monaco or San Marino?
  • Then you will have to open a bank account in Austria or in one of the countries listed above to process the SEPA direct debit mandate. Please submit the SEPA direct debit mandate to our resident managers no later than one week after moving in.

Our leases have a 12-month duration —also for winter and summer semesters. The minimum duration for Erasmus students is 1 semester. In exceptional cases, we also award guest contracts for a shorter period (for example, during the summer months). Contracts are also concluded when the lessees are not studying (e.g. interns) or are young professionals who have just completed their studies and do not want to commit themselves to a permanent degree.

Yes! We offer “guest contracts” over the summer months.

Yes, we also rent our apartments daily. Please, note that prices will vary due to the extra effort involved.

No, we do not charge any fees when concluding a contract. You only have to pay the deposit and the first month’s rent.

Depending on the dormitory, the deposit amount is 750 euros or at most twice the rent.

We use those funds to cover financial claims that we might have against you. This includes, for example, unpaid rents, damages or excessive contamination.

You will receive the deposit minus outstanding debts (in case of damage or excessive contamination) after your departure automatically. Since final billing is only possible 56 days after the last payment of the monthly rent (the SEPA directives grant 56 days of appeal), the refund will be made at the earliest date afterwards.

Do you already live in one of our dorms? In spring you will receive a contract renewal form from our resident managers.

We kindly ask you to notify us in writing. Cancellations are accepted on the last day of the month and require a three-month notice period.

Rights of withdrawal:

Have you already signed your contract, but now you changed your mind and do not want to stay with us? Please inform us immediately in writing because the notice period depends on the date of your withdrawal.

Here you can find an overview of the costs that can incur in case of a withdrawal from your contract:

At STUWO, you have a right of free termination within 14 days after signing your contract, if you signed your contract three or more months before the start of the contract. In that case you will get payments that you already had made back.

  • Example: You signed your contract on the 10th of May, the contract starts on the 1st of September. You can withdraw from your contract free of charge until the 24th of May. After the 24th of May, the cancellation fee is one monthly rent.

If you withdraw from your contract at least four weeks prior to the first day of the month of the start of your contract, the cancellation fee is one monthly rent.

  • Example: Your contract starts on the 1st of September. You terminate your contract on the 15th of July. The cancellation fee is one monthly rent.

You did not pass your high school diploma (e.g., Matura or Abitur) and therefore cannot begin your studies? We are sorry for you! If you withdraw from your contract within the last month before the start of the contract and send us a written proof of your inability to start your studies, we will only charge you one monthly rent.

  • Example: Your contract starts on the 1st of September. You withdraw from your contract on the 15th of August because you could not graduate from high school. Then we charge you only one monthly rent.

Do you want to withdraw from your contract for other reasons within the last month before the start of your contract? Then the cancellation fee is two monthly rents.

  • Example: Your contract starts on the 1st of September, and you withdraw from your contract on the 15th of August. Then we charge you two monthly rents.

We refer to article 12 of the Student Dormitory Act (StHG – Studentenheimgesetz) for all terminations after the first of the month of the start of the contract. We regard the proof of not starting your studies at the correspondent place of study as a dropout of university.

  • Example: Your contract starts on the 1st of September, and you terminate your contract on the 15th of September. Then the notice period of three months according to the terms of your contract apply. If you want to move out earlier, the cancellation fee is three rents.

It’s a pity you’re leaving our dormitory. When moving out, please remember:

  • Submit a written notice in due time and please note the three-month notice period.
  • Make a moving-out appointment with our resident managers.
  • If you like, submit a post order.

Moving out is possible during office hours or by appointment with the corresponding Resident Manager.

Of course, we offer barrier-free apartments. You can inquire about the currently available places directly at

As a non-profit company, we also consider students with children. Please inquire about an apartment suitable for you and your child, including a discount!

There is no age limit.

In some of our dormitories your pets are welcome – this is unique in Austria! Pets are allowed in the STUWO dormitory Dückegasse, Donaufelder Straße and SmartLiving in Graz. All other STUWO dormitories do not allow pets.

All information about keeping pets in the STUWO dormitories Dückegasse, Donaufelder Straße and Smart Living Graz can be found here in our pet regulations.

At some of our STUWO dormitories we offer low-cost car parking and underground parking. For further information, please contact our Resident Managers.

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