Living in a student dormitory: the STUWO advantages at a glance

Written by: Kerstin Lakits, May 05, 2022

A fantastic home is key for successful studies and an amazing time at university. You wonder where you should live and if a student dormitory is the right place for you? Then we’ll present our STUWO dormitories today and convince you with our advantages and benefits.

Where do students live?

No matter, whether you’re new at university or already a senior, every student is constantly looking for the best place to live. There are many options with advantages and disadvantages.

If it works for everybody, living at home is obviously very practical because you do not have to move, pay rent, etc. Furthermore, you’re not completely on your own in your daily life and have your family’s support.

If you crave a little bit more autonomy, but do not want to be on your own, then a shared flat is perfect for you. You live with one or two other students in a private apartment. You share costs, common areas, responsibility, tasks, etc. The biggest disadvantage: You have to take care of everything yourselves and costs can vary, especially for energy.

A room or an apartment in a dormitory is perfect if you want your own four walls, but still need the community feeling. Organisation is super simple and practical in everyday life.

For autonomous students, a solo apartment is a great alternative. You have all the liberties of living alone, but also all the duties and tasks in a household as well as sometimes higher costs for rent and energy.

You are not sure if a dormitory is the best option for you? Here are 10 advantages of living in a dormitory!

Living in a dormitory

The most important questions are probably: What requirements do I have to meet and when can I move in?


As the name indicates, student dormitories are primarily meant for students. Therefore, an inscription at a university is oftentimes required. Some dormitories also welcome graduates, interns and young job newcomers.

Apart from these formal requirements, you should also be a considerate and open-minded person, since you share common areas with other residents and a comfortable everyday life requires consideration and respect.


The application process varies from dormitory to dormitory. Usually there is an application centre or platform where you can apply for a spot online or via email. Pay attention to application periods and deadlines.

In addition to your personal information, you need proof of inscription, sometimes a proof of successful studying and maybe proof of sufficient financial means. If a spot in your preferred dormitory is available, you will be contacted. Then you must sign the contract and make an appointment for moving in. Oftentimes you have to transfer the bail before moving in and start a permanent or SEPA transfer for your rent.

An overview: STUWO dormitories

Now we want to present ourselves: With 21 dormitories in six states we are Austria’s biggest student accommodation provider. We’ll show you our locations and advantages and what makes us unique.


We have 12 dormitories in Vienna: STUWO Arsenal, Seestadt Aspern, Auf der Schmelz, Studlhofgasse, Strozzigasse, Donaufelder Straße, Dückegasse, Kenyongasse, Simmering, Vorgartenstraße, Spengergasse and Triester Straße

There are two dormitories in Graz: STUWO StudentCity and STUWO Smart Living.

You can also find us in Linz, Villach, Krems, Innsbruck and Lambach.


The STUWO All-in rent includes your apartment, all operating costs (energy, heating, water, etc.) and TV fees.

At STUWO, we are experts in providing service. We offer you regular, free room cleaning, free Internet and WIFI in the whole dormitory and an in-house laundrette with washing and drying machines.

Moreover, there are additional free benefits, such as:

  • Fitness area with equipment, dumbbell and cardio area for intense workouts
  • Wellness area with a sauna for relaxation
  • Learning Lounges in many dormitories for studying
  • Music rehearsal rooms for all musicians and those who want to become ones
  • Party rooms and common areas for connecting and celebrating
  • Rooftop terraces, gardens or green courtyards

Since every STUWO dormitory is unique, the benefits might vary slightly.

Unique features

As mentioned before, each STUWO dormitory proudly presents unique features – be it an exceptional location, architectural particularities or the possibility to bring pets. Here are some highlights:

You are allowed to bring your pet in the STUWO Vienna Dückegasse and STUWO Smart Living Graz.

In the STUWO Linz and STUWO Arsenal you can live with your partner in our partner apartments. The STUWO Innsbruck has its own skiing storage room.

In STUWO Villach, Innsbruck and Smart Living Graz you can relax in the garden after university. In summer, you can cool yourself in the Asperner lake in STUWO Seestadt Aspern. You can enjoy the wonderful view on our comfortable rooftop terraces in STUWO Vienna Arsenal, STUWO Seestadt Aspern, STUWO Dückegasse and STUWO Smart Living Graz.

Want to know more? Then discover our website and learn more about our dormitories and us!

Deciding where you want to live as a student can be hard. Hopefully this article is helpful. We would be happy to welcome you soon at STUWO.

See you soon!


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