Community Feeling at STUWO: Living in a student dormitory

Written by Christina Pichler, Sep 01, 2022

Living in a (STUWO) student accommodation has many advantages. However, the best aspect is definitely the community feeling and contact to other students, residents and friends. Community is our highest value at STUWO. That is why we dedicate this article to the community feeling that awaits you at STUWO. We will show you the best common areas to make friends and meet new people!

Common kitchens

Is there a better way to socialise than around delicious food in a kitchen? Probably not, that is why the common kitchens in the STUWO dormitories are perfect for striking up conversations, exchanging recipes and cooking together. The common kitchens provide a lot of devices such as cooking stations, ovens and some of them even small pizza ovens. Furthermore, many of our student dormitories provide you with your own food shelf and space for your culinary adventures.


  • Modern equipment
  • Space to improve your culinary skills
  • Cooking and eating together with others
  • Culinary inspiration from other international residents
  • Sometimes with your own food shelf


  • How about a cooking club? If you and other residents do not want to cook every single day, then you can come up with a schedule and alternate cooking.
  • Dinner party! Everybody prepares their favourite dish, grabs a drink and you share your dishes at a relaxed dinner party! Perfect for a Friday evening!
  • Cooking doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are tips for saving money in the kitchen!

„Cooking together as well as the STUWO parties bring you closer and help to make new friends.” – Laura from the STUWO Innsbruck

Learning Lounges

What do all students have in common? Studying. That is why many STUWO dormitories have Learning Lounges. There you can study in quiet, do your homework or prepare for exams. On the one hand, the calm environment helps you concentrate; on the other hand, you can work with other residents, motivating each other.


  • Calm environment for studying for hours on end
  • Perfect spot for working together on presentations, group assignments, etc.


  • Start a study group with other residents! This way you can motivate each other to study!

Communication areas

Some STUWO dormitories have special communication areas. There you can meet other residents and make friends. You can have a coffee or tea together and talk. The communication area is perfect whenever you are in the mood for some company or want to make international friends.


  • The spot to chill, talk and meet new people
  • Perfect for coffee breaks


  • Grab a cup of coffee or tea for a lovely talk with your favourite flatmate!
  • Some STUWO dormitories even have vending machines with snacks and drinks for your breaks!

Party rooms

After studying, it is party time! All of your hard work is rewarded with a relaxed atmosphere and quality time with other residents and friends in the party room in your STUWO dorm. Music, some drinks and great people – what else do you need? The party rooms also have a TV – perfect for a home cinema with your favourite flatmates.


  • The perfect spot for birthday parties, student parties, relaxed evenings with your favourite flatmates
  • Ideal for TV evenings or movie nights
  • Enough room for you and your friends


  • If everybody brings a few snacks and drinks, you have everything you need for a fantastic evening!
  • How about some party games? Here are tips for a fantastic student party!

Courtyard/Garden/Rooftop terrace

A little bit of nature is essential to a balanced life! After a hectic day at university, you can de-stress in the courtyard, garden or on the rooftop terrace enjoying the fresh air. How about a dinner or a drink with your favourite flatmate outside? Especially during summer, these green spots are perfect for hanging out with other residents.



  • The courtyard, garden or rooftop terrace are perfect for a change of scenery during intense study sessions.

„Friends of nature can find the opportunity to plant their own vegetables or just relax in the inviting garden area with the beautiful fruit trees…“ – Tobias from the STUWO Smart Living Graz

Fitness areas

There is a fitness area in every STUWO dormitory that is perfect for solo or group workouts – free of charge and equipped with different sport equipment. Grab other STUWO residents for more fun and motivation during your workout. Find your own workout buddy!


  • Dumbbell area, sport equipment, cardio area and more
  • Right in your STUWO dormitory
  • Free access for all residents


  • If you do not know anybody in your dormitory, then this is an easy and quick way to strike up conversations with others residents, making friends and finding a workout buddy.

Wellness areas

Relaxation is essential to the right study-life balance! You will find relaxation in the wellness area of your STUWO dormitory. You can relax with your favourite flatmate in the sauna, in some student accommodations even in a steam bath or infrared cabin.


  • Relaxation right in your dormitory
  • To sauna is good for your skin, heart and immune system


  • For safety reasons, you should always use the sauna with another person present. The hot air is good for you, but can also be underestimated.

Music rehearsal rooms

Communication without words, just through music! All music lovers will love the music rehearsal rooms that are available in many STUWO dormitories. You can get together with other residents to practice together, rehearse a song or jam together.


  • Singing and playing instruments without interruptions
  • Practice music pieces for exams, small gigs or concertos


  • How about a STUWO band? Start a band and make music together!

We have dormitories in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Innsbruck, Krems, Lambach and Villach! Every STUWO dormitory is unique; therefore, the common rooms may vary. However, rest assured that you will experience the STUWO community feeling in every single student accommodation. Here are all our dormitories! We are happy to welcome you soon at STUWO!


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