Performance Scholarship in Austria: requirements, application & entitlement

Written by Martin Högerl, Jun 02, 2022

You’re a regular student at an Austrian university and you have extraordinary academic success? Then you could be suitable for a scholarship based on academic performance. In this article we will give you the most important information on requirements, entitlement and application. Since every university decides autonomously about the issuing of scholarships, you should also ask the representative of your university for more information.

What is a scholarship based on academic success?

This scholarship is a financial appreciation of excellent academic achievements. All your exam achievements in an academic year (October 1 until September 30) are taken into consideration and rewarded afterwards with a one-time payment. The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research provides the funds that are distributed by each university.


The requirements follow the criteria for the claim on student allowances without the criterion for social disadvantage. Here are the most important points:

  • Timely and complete application: Only complete applications that are sent in due time are taken into consideration.
  • Austrian citizenship or equivalent status: In principle this scholarship is reserved for Austrian students. Different rules apply to foreign students.
  • Entitlement period: A scholarship can only be granted during the minimum study duration + extra semesters. For a bachelor’s degree that would mean 6 regular semesters + 2 extra semesters and for a master’s degree it amount to 4 regular semesters + 2 extra semesters.
  • Exam achievements: In one academic year you must complete 40 ECTS and achieve a grade point average of 2.0. Attention: This average score is only the minimum and is calculated in relation to the ECTS. For example, a grade for a 5-ECTS exam is worth more than a grade for a 1-ECTS exam.

Exceptional case: Partly different rules apply to PhD programmes. The grade for your doctoral thesis and oral examination are also included into the average score.

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Amount of the scholarship

According to the corresponding law (Studienfördergesetz), a scholarship based on academic performance must range between 750€ and 1,500€. The exact amount depends on many different factors, such as available funds, number of applicants, etc. Keep in mind that this scholarship is a one-time payment that you only receive after the academic year.

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Application process

You have to apply for this scholarship directly at your university. Make sure that you send your application in due time. In most cases the application process is open from September/October until November; however, this varies from university to university. Usually you can apply via the university platform.

You need these documents for your application:

  • Additional sheet for the scholarship (from your university)
  • Exam or performance documentation
  • Legal registration confirmation
  • Passport
  • Bank information
  • Proof of meeting the criteria according to the suitable groups (e.g. Austrian citizenship or equivalent status for foreigners)
  • If necessary, a certificate of recognition (e.g. studying abroad)

Depending on your university, the required documents can vary. You can get more information on and the website of your university:

Entitlement & Extension

In principle you do not have legal entitlement to a scholarship based on academic achievements. Even if you fulfil all the requirements, it can happen that you do not receive a scholarship because the requirements (higher average grade, extracurricular activities, etc.) can be raised if more students apply than funds are available.

This scholarship is not extended automatically, you have to reapply each year.

In general, you can only claim a scholarship during the minimum study duration + extra semesters. This period can be extended in case of:

  • a pregnancy
  • an illness
  • unforeseeable events
  • working for ÖH (student representation)
  • official academic mobility programs
  • a disability of 50%
  • childcare obligations
  • national service


When do I get a scholarship based on academic performance?

You need an Austrian citizenship (or an equivalent status for foreigners). You also must study within the regular study duration, earn 40 ECTS per academic year, get an average grade point score of at least 2.0 and send your complete application in due time.

Which average grade point score is required for a scholarship based on academic performance?

Your average grade must be at least 2.0. If there are too many applicants, a higher average may be required.

How much is the scholarship?

The scholarship is a one-time payment ranging between 750€ and 1,500€.

Extraordinary achievements are rewarded. So if you have great grades and more than 20 ECTS per semester, then you are suitable for a scholarship based on academic performance. Maybe this is even an additional motivational boost for better grades. If you also need a bank account for your future scholarship, then we have a great overview of all the service providers!


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