The best running trails in Graz

Written by: Kerstin Lakits, Nov 11, 2021

Running is the all-rounder among sportive activities. You can inhale fresh air, enjoy the beautiful weather, get lost in your favourite music with your headphones or simply admire your surroundings.

Your running shoes are ready, but you’re still looking for great running trails in Graz? Today we’re showing you amazing running routes in and around Graz. Whether running is your hobby or you’re training for a marathon, there’s something for everybody.

Inner-City Run Graz

From your STUWO dormitories, you don’t have to drive far because the Inner-City Run goes through Graz. The 15km long route with moderate difficulty has mostly paved roads. But you can also take it slow and use this trail for walking.

Length: 15 km

Difficulty level: moderate

Trail: Augartensteg – across Augartenbrücke – Marburger Kai (North) – across Keplerbrücke to Schwimmschulkai – Gustav Scherbaum Promenade back to Augarten – across the bridge and back to Keplerbrücke

Straßgang Loop

This beautiful running route will take you to idyllic places. With the busses 32 or 62, you can quickly get to your starting point, Bad Straßgang. Then you follow the 5.7km long paved road, which will take you back to your starting point.

Length: 5.7km

Difficulty level: easy

Trail: Bad Straßgang – Am Katzelbach out of town (2km) – Greifenweg – Mantsch Waldweg to St. Martin – Martinstraße to Bad Straßgang

Running in Leechwald

This 21km long, well-signposted running route is a great challenge for advanced runners who don’t mind some steep laps. The wonderful view will be a nice reward for your efforts. If you’re still working towards tackling this challenge, there is also a shorter (9.5km) route that takes you through this beautiful scenery as well.

Length: 21 km

Difficulty level: hard

Trail: Hilmteich – up to Hilmwarte – Roseggerweg – Leechwaldschenke to the drinking fountain* – on to Roseggerweg – to Schaftalberg – turn right – Reindlweg – at the stop sign turn right to Schaftal – crossroad GH Griesbauer – Roseggerweg – Hilmteich

*For the shorter route, turn left at the drinking fountain, then to Mariatroster church, onto Mariatrosterweg to Hilmteichstraße and back to Hilmteich

Running on the Murradweg

The best thing about this running route is that you can determine the length. You run as long as you’re feeling like it or until your legs give up. Thanks to the mostly paved roads, you don’t have to pay attention to the ground, but can watch the beautiful scenery around you. This trail is close to STUWO Student City and you can start your run there.

Length: individual

Difficulty level: easy

Trail: Keplerbrücke (across from Schloßberg) – marker R2 – start North – on the Murradweg – same route back

Bäderlauf Eggenberg

Are you up for a challenge? The running trail Bäderlauf Eggenberg with 21km is waiting for you. With the tram 1 or the bus 32, you get to Bad Eggenberg, the starting point for this difficult running route which consist mostly of paved roads and shows you two swimming centres in Graz.

Length: 21km

Difficulty level: hard

Trail: Bad Eggenberg – Georgigasse out of town – left onto Schloßstraße – via Herbersteinstraße until Wetzelsdorf – on Burenstraße – Krottendorfer Straße – Martinhofstraße – Bad Straßgang – Am Katzelbach out of town – via Greifenweg – Mantscha Waldweg – Kehlbergstraße to St. Martin – up to Am Weinhang – via Forststraße to St. Johann – Ölbergweg downhill – via Steinbergstraße – onto Thalerseestraße to Thalersee – around the Thalersee – at the eastern shore onto Wanderweg 6 and turn left – back to Eggenberg

Running at the Schloßberg

You want to run a small round before your next lecture or you want to end your day with a little workout? Then this trail is perfect for you. You’re running in Graz’ nature and can enjoy it.

Length: 2.1km

Difficulty level: easy

Trail: entry Wickenburggasse – forest trail – Platz der Menschenrechte – city park Graz – back via Sauraugasse – Am Fuße des Schlossbergs – forest trail back to the starting point

Running at Lineckberg

This marvellous running route takes you deep into nature, but is a bit more difficult because of the mostly unpaved roads and many uphill roads. Even though the running trail isn’t marked, you’ll easily find your way. Using the tram 41 or 53, you’ll reach the starting point for your run.

Length: 10.4km

Difficulty level: moderate

Trail: station Dürrgrabenweg – bicycle lane out of town – Am Radlwirt – Annengraben – right via Schöckelbach – Holzmöstlweg – keep right – to Wenisbuch – in Wenisbuch turn right twice – back to station Dürrgrabenweg


This popular running trail is well signposted and flat – perfect, if you’re just getting into running or just want to run to clear your head. This running route is not directly in Graz, but you can easily get there from the main train station, which is right next to STUWO Smart Living, taking the S1. Wouldn’t that be a great sporty excursion for the weekend?

Length: 5.8km

Difficulty level: easy

Trail: train station Peggau-Deutschfeistritz – around the Murstausee – train station Peggau-Deutschfeistritz

Running events in Graz

Running isn’t an individual sport and you don’t always have to run around by yourself. Thanks to the many running trails we’ve just shown you, you’re ready for a running event. Here are some in Graz.

1. Graz Marathon

The Kleine Zeitung Graz Marathon is the sports event in Graz. You can complete 42.195km with the applause and encouragement of the audience every year. Of course, you can also run a half- or quarter-marathon. Depending on the length, the marathon runs through the inner city and along the Mur.

2. Graz Halbmarathon

42.195km are too much for you? No problem, in spring the Half-Marathon Graz takes place. You can choose 21.1km, 10.55km or 5.25km. Starting point is the main square in Graz and then you run through the inner city. There’s something for everybody!

3. New Year’s Eve’s Run Graz

You want to run into the New Year? Then sign up for the WOCHE New Year’s Eve’s Run Graz. The run starts on the 31st of December at 1 pm in Graz on Mariahilferplatz. Here you can choose 5 or 10km. And then you can celebrate the New Year!

4. Grazathlon

Just running is too boring or too easy for you? Well, then try running the Grazathlon. More than 10 km and 20 obstacles, which you have to overcome, will spice up your run through Graz. It takes place in early summer, more information here.

With these running trails, you’re perfectly equipped for your next adventure outside, whether you’re running or enjoying a walk in the sun.

Whether you’re training for a marathon or are just running for enjoyment, savour this time outside. If you don’t want to follow a specific running route, then you can go to the most beautiful parks in Graz. Ready, set, run!


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