The 6 most beautiful parks & gardens in Graz: Our favorites to enjoy the weather and the fresh air

written by: Hannes Wagner, 11.02.2021

It is not for nothing that Styria is also called the green heart of Austria. The east-austrian state is all about nature. From the national well-known pumpkin seed oil to the Dachstein, there is an incredible amount of things to discover here.

Same goes for the capital and student city of Graz! In addition to many bars, museums and “Buschenschanken”, there are also countless beautiful parks where you can take a walk between lectures, simply relax or even discover new things.

Today we introduce you to our favorite parks in Graz!

1. City park

City park 1

The city park is not only our first recommendation, but also a UNESCO World Heritage. The city park has been a nature reserve since 1987, and a historical monument since 2002. With an area of about ​​22 hectares which includes about 2000 trees, it is also the largest public park in Graz. In addition to a playground for children and countless chestnut trees, you will also find numerous monuments and sculptures of well-known personalities from the past and present. This park has something for everyone: children can play, Athletes have space for skating, cycling and jogging and connoisseurs can meet many like-minded people here for an “after-university or after-work drink”. You don’t feel like sitting in the grass and drinking canned beer because you would rather like to go to a cool student bar with a few friends? No problem, we have listed the best student cafes and bars in Graz for you here!

2. Schlossberg

Am Schlossberg

The Grazer Schlossberg is not only one of the most beautiful parks in Graz, it is also a viewpoint, a sight and a natural spectacle! The highest point of the park is 123m above the main square of Graz and is therefore the highest park in Graz. There are many ways to climb the Schlossberg, and if you don’t want or can’t walk up, you have the possibility of taking the Schlossbergbahn which can take you to the top of the Schlossberg for a few bucks. Once you arrive at the top of the Schlossberg, there is a lot to discover: the famous bell tower, the stable bastion with a cannon hut, the Turkish fountain and of course the clock tower – the landmark of Graz.

By the way: cycling is not allowed on the Schlossberg!

3. Burggarten

Hofgasse 15

The Burggarten is a romantic park, hidden behind the Styrian state government. Another entrance to the park is right next to the famous Cafe Promenade east of the castle gate. The atmosphere in the Burggarten is very special since it is located on the former castle bastion. A special highlight is the “Orangerie”, which was once used to overwinter tropical plants and was part of the pleasure garden laid out for Archduke Charles as early as 1568. Today it is a popular venue for theater, readings and music events.

4. Augarten

Wielandgasse 43

The Augarten invites you to relax and offers children as well as grown-ups a quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The Augarten is a park next to the Mur and is one of the most important and popular open spaces in Graz due to its many flexible-to-use areas. There are playgrounds for children (and adults who want to swing again!), a dog meadow and, in addition to the many free green areas, also a small sales stand where you can buy a cool drink after a long walk. You will also find a beach in the Augarten, the Augarten Bay. Here you can enjoy the sun and put your feet up in one of the many seating options. Swimming is not allowed here, but you just go to the Augartenbad, which is practically around the corner.

5. Eggenberg Castle

Eggenberger Allee 90

The park of Schloss Eggenberg is a true cultural monument of the Romantic era and, thanks to its old trees, is one of the most valuable garden monuments in the country. Visiting this park is an absolute must! If you visit the castle park, we recommend you to give yourself a little more time, because there is so much to discover! The planet garden, the rose garden and free-range peacocks! In addition to the baroque gardens, you should definitely see Eggenberg Palace. You will be enchanted here.

6. Botanical garden

Schubertstrasse 59

In the botanical garden operated by the Institute of Botany at the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz you can marvel at plants from four different climatic zones in three different greenhouses. It is very likely that you will learn a lot and constantly discover new plants. There are always special exhibitions and guided tours for children, so take a look at the website of the Botanical Garden in Graz to see what it currently has to offer!

A bonus: admission to the Botanical Garden is free!

We hope that with the help of our tips you can spend many hours filled with sunshine in the beautiful parks of Graz and if the weather should crash your plans, here you can find some tips for alternative/ bad weather program in Graz!


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