Valentine’s day date ideas: The best things to do

written by: Christina Pichler, 28.01.2021

Chocolates and cheesy cards are everywhere, singles are constantly being reminded of being single and dating apps literally overflow. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Some hate it, others can’t seem to get enough of roses and romance.

It doesn’t matter whether you surprise your partner with a classic candlelight dinner or you prefer it a little bit less conventional and find yourself at a sex positive party – Valentine’s Day offers many opportunities to spend time with your loved ones. Whether as an opportunity for a first date or simply as a celebration of a long-term relationship. February 14 is all about love!

By the way, Valentine’s Day was named after Valentin of Terni, a saint and martyr of the Roman Catholic Church. Valentin was a simple priest in Rome who married couples according to Christian rituals, although the emperor had forbidden this at the time. He used to give flowers from his garden to newlyweds. To this day, Valentin is the patron saint of lovers.

Whether you gift your better half chocolate, perfume, sneakers or a self-written love letter is of course up to you, but to stop you from panicking about the question: “What should I do on Valentine’s Day?” we put together the best (and some very unusual) Valentine’s Day activities for you.

1. Staycation

You have lived in the same city for a few years but still haven’t seen all the sights yet? Do you just feel like you need a change of scenery? How about a vacation in your own city?

Depending on your budget, you can take a hotel room or an Airbnb, use the room service and the spa area and just stroll through the city during the day while you discover new things together! After you have enjoyed a tasty breakfast in bed, we suggest you grab a camera and off you go! If you are looking for some inspiration here you will find our tips for:

2. Take a dance class

In the club, you are the first on the dance floor but if a waltz comes up you don’t know who should go where and when? Dancing together turns out to be a bigger hurdle than having fun on the dance floor by yourself? How about taking a couples dance class?

Instead of trying out daring moves on your own, you can learn something new together and get a little closer while doing so. Who knows, maybe Foxtrot, Cha cha cha and Co will pull you under a spell and at the next Vienna Opera Ball you will open the lavish ball night!

3. living room concert

Your budget is barely enough for the street musician who is always busking at the train station and you surely cannot afford a private concert by Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran? No problem, if you have a favorite musician in common, you can easily stream a concert! This way you can enjoy a (free) private concert in your living room and wear your favorite jogging pants while listening to romantic music.

4. 36 questions to fall in love

All this fuss is not for you? Do you prefer to relax and enjoy your togetherness by yourself? The US psychologist Aron Arthur found 36 questions that lead to people to fall in love with each other immediately. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether this is really the case, but if you are not the type for big trips on Valentine’s Day and prefer to enjoy your togetherness in peace, you can just try it out for yourself! Here you can find the 36 questions to fall in love with!

Are you already head over heels in love and just want to get to know each other a little better? Then try the game “We are not really strangers”. Warning: Feelings may arise!

5. Couples massage

Are you both very tense from studying or working and just need a break? What about a couple’s massage? Many SPAs offer this service, especially on Valentine’s Day. Let yourself be pampered! A more budget-friendly alternative: Give each other a massage! All you need is a little bit of massage oil, maybe a few candles for a romantic atmosphere and off you go.

6. Watching the stars

“You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars!”

Looking at the stars together is arguably one of the most romantic ideas on this list. In many cities, there are special shows for lovers in planetariums on Valentine’s Day, which literally bring you the stars from the sky.

As a cheaper alternative, you can just put on some warm clothes, go on a night hike and look at the stars in “real life”.

7. Museum

You and your sweetheart are fans of impressionism, realism, modernity or maybe even romanticism? Take some cultural time for two and visit a museum!

In many museums, there is a “love rush” 1 + 1 ticket free offer on Valentine’s Day, so you can spend wonderful hours even on a small budget. In the Leopold Museum in Vienna, for example, there is the annual, free guided tour on the subject of “Lovers in Art”.

8. Cooking together

The way to the heart is through the stomach; therefore organize an at-home candlelight dinner for two! Cook together, dress up and let yourself be seduced not only by culinary delights.

Insider tip: Aphrodisiac foods such as chilli, chocolate, figs or rosemary add a little more spice to your love life. Just try it out!

9. Time to Paint

Do you want to create something ever-lasting? How about drawing your own painting?
Let your creativity run free with a painting course and a glass of wine (or two). Book your paint & wine class in your city or simply follow a tutorial on YouTube – and don’t worry, Picasso didn’t fall from heaven as a master either. The most important thing when painting, and on every Valentine’s Day date, is to spend valuable time together and have fun!

10. Volunteering

Instead of spending a lot of money on chocolate and crowded movie theaters, take a few hours to help where it is actually needed. You could cook in a soup kitchen for example and not only make yourself happy, but other people as well. Winter in particular is very hard, especially for homeless people, and a warm meal not only warms the inside but also the heart.

There is no soup kitchen in your area where you can help? Then turn your wardrobe upside down and maybe you will find a warm sweater or two that you no longer need and can donate to someone in need.

11. Sports day

Do you and your partner like to run a marathon together, get pumped in the gym or climb the steepest climbing walls together? Then celebrate Valentine’s Day with what you love the most: sports! If you want to give your partner an additional gift for Valentine’s Day, you can invest in a new yoga mat, new running shoes or a new sports bag to match your sports day!

12. Go on an adventure

Have you been in a relationship for a long time and everyday life has given your dating life a setback? Then try to bring more adventure back into your life again! Break out of your routine, take the whole day for Valentine’s Day and try something new together. An escape room puts your ability to work in a team to the test, a cooking class helps you get to know new flavours – and learn to love them. However, don’t stress yourself too much, dating should be fun first and foremost!

13. Galentine’s Day

You and your student friends are single and none of you wants to spend Valentine’s Day alone? Ben and Jerrys are just not enough for you this year? How about a home party? Grab your girls (or boys) and have a Galentine’s Day party! The Galentine’s Day offers you the opportunity to celebrate the day of love without being forced to consume and most importantly: without a partner because Galentine’s Day celebrates friendship! Oh and we have found the best WG party games for you, so that your Valentine’s Day is guaranteed to be legendary!

By the way: Galentine’s day is an “official” day of celebration in a lot of countries already and takes place on February 13th, with the motto “Sisters before Misters”.

14. Anti Valentine’s Day

Do you think Valentine’s Day is too much and get annoyed every year over heart-shaped chocolate, pink decorations and the people who are so stressed on February 14th that they actually forget that it is the Day of love? How about an Anti Valentine’s Day party? In most cities there are already parties like this and if not, just throw one yourself!

Bonus tip: Chocolate that literally screams, “I love you” will be on sale on February 15th and it tastes at least as good if you just buy it for yourself!

No matter how you celebrate it, STUWO wishes you a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!


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