Free activities: 10 things you can do in Graz for free

Written by: Quirin Eberl, 01.04.2021

The motivation to travel or simply explore new areas as a student is endless. However, one thing is certain: you always have to keep an eye on your budget. Because of that, we are introducing 10 interesting travel destinations in and around Graz to you.

The best part: These excursions will not cost you a cent! What are you waiting for?

1. Schlossberg and Castle

The Grazer Schlossberg offers an impressive view of the city. After a short climb, you will reach the castle which has overlooked Graz for over 1000 years and also named the city. The Slovenian word “gradec” (en: small castle) is the reason why the Styrian capital is called “Graz” nowadays. A MUST for all lovers of culture and the middle ages and additional to that it is a great destination for a day trip.

2. Uhrturm – Clocktower

If you already happen to find yourself on the Schlossberg, one thing you cannot miss out on is the “Uhrturm” since it is a real highlight. One of the city’s landmarks is the Grazer “Uhrturm” (en: clock tower) which has probably been there since the thirteenth century. If you have an eye for detail, you will notice something strange looking at the face of the clock. What? Well, you have to find out by yourself!

3. Kalvarienberg

The second, often forgotten mountain of Graz is the Kalvarienberg. However, it is similarly steeped in history as the Schlossberg and totally worth the climb. The three large crosses on the summit are hard to miss and the Kalvarienberg church offers an incredibly impressive view of the surrounding region. A visit to the monastery and the three Mary’s will complete your visit. This tip is perfect for anyone who has already seen the Schlossberg or has a weakness for the historical past of the church.

4. Parks

Whether you go to the “Volksgarten”, the “ORF-Park” or the “Stadtpark” Graz, you can enjoy the four seasons everywhere. No matter if you want to relax or get active, parks are the ideal place for either one. If you are interested, have a look at this article about the best parks in Graz!

5. Old-town

The old town of Graz rightly deserves the status of a UNESCO cultural heritage. With historical architecture and narrow streets, this place has a relaxed and historical flair, especially in summer. The old town is worth a trip in every season and offers a lot to discover.

6. Swimming lakes

Refreshing walks in the cool air are always nice – especially if you walk next to the water. Whether “Thalersee”, “Schwarzlsee” or “Hilmteich”. Graz and the surrounding area offers some great lakes, which are definitely worth a trip – both in summer and winter!
For a romantic walk, well deserved study breaks or just a quick dip, those lakes are waiting to get discovered by you!

7. Schöckl

If there is one thing that cannot be missing from this list it’s the “Schöckl”. The legendary, local mountain of Graz offers, despite its low altitude (1445 meters), a unique view. In summer, you can look for the weather witches who, according to legend, brew the hail that often haunts eastern Styria. The “Schöckl” is a beautiful and well-known destination among hikers and adventurers in every season. What are you waiting for? Put on you hiking boots and head up the mountain!

8. Rettenbachklamm

If you still have some energy left after your hike at the “Schöckl”, or if you simply prefer a hike through a “Klamm”, the “Rettenbachklamm” is the perfect destination for you! Here you can enjoy nature in absolute peace. On the hike, you will be able to discover colorful types of rock and you can also admire the small waterfalls. You don’t have the time to do all of that? No problem! You can cross the “Rettenbachklamm” in under half an hour!

9. Frohnleiten

If you are traveling by car or are in the mood for a long bike tour, the tower of “Frohnleiten” is the perfect destination for you! Starting from the city center you can get there in about 30 minutes by car or in one and a half hours by bike. You can stroll through the historic, flower-adorned city center in spring as well as in summer. With its beautiful main square and all the historical places, the city next to the Mur is totally worth a half-day trip!
Oh and by the way, the highlight of this tour is Rabenstein Castle, which is a little outside of the city.

10. Mur – bike path

Last but definitely not least: A tip for the athletes! If you live in Graz and are a bit of a bike fan, we have good news for you. Graz lies directly on the well-known Mur Bike path. No matter if you have a big or a small tour on your to-do list, the numerous bike paths in and around Graz will allow you to have a varied experience with a sporty character. But be careful: don’t forget about the obligatory water bottle, because who knows, maybe you won’t get enough of your excursion in and around Graz!

As you can see, Graz has a lot to offer! Whether you are an athlete, a nature lover or a history freak, this city won’t let you down. For more ideas for the warmer season, check out our blog about the best summer activities in Graz!
We hope you enjoy exploring this exciting city steeped in history and look forward to hearing about your adventures!


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