Studying Abroad: Overview, information & tips

Your studies are the perfect opportunity to gain experience and explore other countries and cultures. An internship, a semester or even your whole studies abroad? You’ll find the fitting form of a study experience abroad with our information!

Study & Travel: Explore other countries and cultures 

Are you ready to gain experience abroad? In this category you’ll learn everything about internships, semesters and studies abroad in a foreign country. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a bachelor’s or master’s degree because these new experiences and challenges will help you with your academic career and personal life. 

You feel a thirst for adventure and challenges are never too big for you? Then studying abroad may be of interest to you. We provide all the important information regarding the different forms and opportunities as well as helpful tips in our article “Studying Abroad: All the important information”. 

This type of adventure is too big (for now) for you, then just try a semester abroad. You can either organize it via a university mobility programme or on your own. In our blog article „A semester abroad: Get all the important information“ we prepare you perfectly and share insider tips for a successful semester abroad. 

There are also internships abroad for gaining experience in other countries and cultures. This type of work experience is perfect for your CV. 

Furthermore, we familiarize you with the Erasmus programme, a university mobility programme by the EU, that makes organizing your stay abroad within the EU easier. Thanks to the close collaboration between universities, the organization is not too complicated. 

The world is open to you and your studies! No matter where you want to go and what you study, a studying abroad will enrich you with an incredible myriad of experiences. In this category you’ll find everything you need to know! 

What else might interest you…

What else might interest you…