Free activities: 5 things you can currently do in Linz for free

Written by: Quirin Eberl, 31.03.2021

Currently we’re all sitting in the same boat – and actually mostly in our rooms. If you want to experience something in the fresh air again, we are sharing five tips for day trips in and around Linz with you that you can currently do!

And best of all: These activities won´t cost you a cent!

1. Trip to the Pöstlingberg

539 meters above Linz, the Pöstlingberg offers a beautiful view across the city. If you are really into culture, you can also visit the baroque pilgrimage church. However, be careful: on foggy days, you should look for another destination! You can find the military-historical mountain including the church above the left bank of the Danube in the district of the same name. You should expect about 45 minutes to an hour by bike starting from STUWO Linz. By car you can get to the parking lot in about 20 minutes, from which you can take a short walk to the pilgrimage basilica “Seven Pains of Mary”. If you prefer to travel by public transport, our next tip might be something for you!

2. Mural Habor

The Mural Habor was born from the desire to beautify the water basins of the port, which are surrounded by containers and warehouses.

The “Kulturzeile” has been delighting visitors with its oversized wall paintings and graffiti since 2012. While you currently cannot enter the museum, the harbor is still a source of amazement. An absolute must for art enthusiasts and graffiti fans! From the STUWO Linz you can go there by public transport, which will take you about half an hour. By bike you will be a little bit faster and can marvel at this extraordinary art collection in under 20 minutes.

3. City walk

“You have only really been where you have been on foot.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

Goethe already knew it – and we know it too. Hiking makes you happy! But hiking in the city? Yes in Linz this is actually possible! The most beautiful city hiking trails can be found on the Linztourismus website. Our favorite trail leads from the main square across the Nibelungen Bridge, past the modern Anton Bruckner University and down to the Zoo. The highlight of this hike is definitely the pilgrimage church on the Pöstlingberg. You heard right! You can explore two of the destinations suggested here on the list by simply going on a hike! You can get to the main square in about 15 minutes by bike or by BIM.

4. Old town of Linz

The old town of Linz is really worth a trip! Whether you want to enjoy the city flair, marvel at impressive facades, or plan to relax in the quieter places. In the old town you will find the Linz Castle, the State Theater, the new cathedral and the market hall. If your stomach growls on your exploration tour, you can get something to eat at one of the numerous restaurants or take-away stands and enjoy it on the go. Take your bike or the BIM and you can get there in less than 20 minutes and enjoy the old town flair.

5. Pleschinger See

You will also find something to explore near STUWO Linz. Our last tip is only 10 minutes by bike and definitely worth the trip. The Pleschinger See is a local recreation area that is a good destination for excursions in both summer and winter. Getting a breath of fresh air and simply thinking about something else than your to-do list is inevitable here. Within a nice half-hour walk you can go around the lake and watch the ducks and swans. If you have table tennis equipment, you can also prove your skills on the public plate. We wish you all the best!

We hope that you enjoy these activities and that you will soon enjoy the fresh air! Have fun!


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