Jobs for students: 13 tips for students to earn some extra money

written by: Nadja Eder, 01.04.2021

Earning money as a student is not always easy. While there are a lot of things like rent, food and living you have to pay for and there should still be enough time for studying. But don’t you worry. There are numerous ways to earn money as a student and you can even do some student jobs from home, even in your dormitory. If this got you curious, just read on.

Today we have 13 tips for you on how to earn money quickly and easily while studying:

Earning money and doing something good for others is easy with plasma donations. You earn between 20-25 € as a compensation for your time and there often is a bonus for “frequent donors”.

2. Dog or babysitting

The classic among the jobs for students: taking care of children or going for a walk with dogs and treating yourself to a small injection of cash. Bonus: Thanks to cute four-legged friends and fun games, this job also comes with a lot of fun!

3. Become a copywriter

As a copywriter, you can easily earn money from home! Use your writing talent and write blog articles or advertising copies for companies. Simply register on a platform for copywriters and get started.

4. Neighborhood help

Helping with cleaning apartments, setting up shelves or bringing your elderly neighbor’s purchases home is super easy and pays off in many ways. By helping your neighbors out, you can often earn some “pocket money” on the side and collect sympathy points in the neighborhood.

5. Redeem deposits on beer crates and bottles

The dust is already setting on the beer crate from the latest party in the dormitory because nobody wants to bring it back to the supermarket? This is your chance to get some extra coins! A box of bottles is worth about 5 euros, which you can then use for your next shopping trip to the grocery store.

6. Make money with your photography

Turn your hobby into additional income: Use your photographic talent and simply offer your snapshots for sale on various image databases. The more creative and the more pictures the better!

7. Make money by taking notes

By putting your transcripts up for sale, you are simply being paid for studying. Just pay attention to the lectures (which you should be doing anyway) and take notes diligently. This will help you internalize the material much better and maybe even make you a few friends among other students at your university.

8. Sort out your wardrobe

Be honest: how much of the stuff in your closet do you really wear? Make space for something new and simultaneously make money by selling your old clothes. Various groups on social media or online sales platforms make selling very easy.

9. Make money with surveys

As a student, you can easily earn money online by giving your opinion. Sounds weird? Just take a look at the advertised vacancies for online surveys and see for yourself!

10. Online tutoring

Another great student job for the home office is working as a tutor. Pass on your knowledge and earn some pennies for your student budget.

11. Testing websites as a student job

You probably spend far too much time on your smartphone or in front of screens anyways, so why not use this bad habit to your financial advantage by testing websites and apps?!

12. Make money as a translator

Are you lucky enough to have grown up multilingual or are you simply a language genius? Perfect, because many companies need high-quality translations of various texts and pay very well for them.

13. How about a job as a promoter

Are you interested in a varied activity that is also fun? Do you like working in a team with people of the same age and like approaching other people? How about a job as a promoter? You can apply for a wide variety of areas at

None of these options really appeal to you? Then you might be the type for a classic student job. Portals like StudentJob have vacancies from all over Austria in their database and you can be sure to find the right part-time job for you that also fits the schedule of your studies!


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