The best household remedies for a hangover

written by: Hannes Wagner, 31.12.2020

For most students, wild parties and long nights are simply a part of the student life experience. Celebrating a passed test, having a good time with your friends and of course enjoying a drink or two. Unfortunately, our bodies give us the invoice for our behavior the following morning: Hangover. Typical symptoms are light to heavy headache, nausea, digestive problems and most of the time a bad mood.

Often our circulation doesn’t really play along either and we feel weak or even sick. That is because when we drink alcohol, the body excretes more fluids than it absorbs. It continuously dehydrates and important minerals are lost in the process.

Avoid using pain killers and strong coffee if you are hungover, since this can irritate the stomach even more. Instead, try some of the following home remedies that will help you get fit faster. The best thing about them is that you probably won’t have to buy anything because you probably have most of the ingredients at home anyways.

1. Peppermint oil

This essential oil should not be missing in your hangover pharmacy. Pleasantly cooling, peppermint oil provides a quick relief for alcohol-related headaches and tension.

Apply the oil to the forehead, temples and shoulder-neck area and gently massage it in. Make sure to relax your upper body and take deep breaths in and out as you massage these points. You can also mix the oil with another basic oil like almond oil first and then apply it to pamper the skin with additional moisture and vitamin E.

2. Healthy hangover breakfast

After a night out, the body often craves salty and hearty food. In fact, food is the best hangover cure. Because with food you help your mineral balance, which has gotten out of balance, to get back on track again. Make sure to avoid fatty and hearty breakfast foods that are heavy on the stomach.

A tangy vegetable omelet, a piece of whole grain bread or healthy granola with fruit is easier to digest and provides you with valuable vitamins and minerals. Even if your stomach is irritated, try to eat a few bites anyways.

3. Ginger

If eating doesn’t work for you at all, you can always use fresh ginger to get better. The miracle root contains a lot of vitamin C and magnesium which makes it our insider tip against nausea and circulatory problems.

Freshly grated and mixed with water or as a cooled tea, ginger can calm the stomach and it has an effect on your ailing nervous system too. Drink in small sips. Alternatively you can slowly chew a piece of ginger.

4. Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a remedy from the local herb garden to calm down the alcohol-plagued stomach. It also helps with ongoing restlessness that can occur after a long night of partying with a lot of alcohol and only little sleep. As with ginger, you should also let the chamomile tea cool down and drink it in small sips. This makes the tea even more tolerable for an irritated stomach.

5. Yarrow

Alcohol is processed in your liver. So if you’ve had one or more drinks too much, your detoxification organ has a lot of work to do. Yarrow is a well-known medicinal plant that supports the liver with detoxing. At the same time, it stimulates the appetite, helps with stomach problems and makes the kidneys work more intensively. As a result, toxins are broken down and excreted faster. Like chamomile, yarrow can be boiled in water and drunk as a tea.

6. Majoram

Similar to yarrow, marjoram, known from the spice rack, can help with a hangover as well. Amongst Arabs, marjoram is said to have been used as an aid after an alcoholic night and for good reason: it promotes digestion, strengthens the nerves and is said to relieve headaches, dizziness and nausea.

7. Honey

After drinking alcohol, blood sugar levels are often low, which is the reason why we often feel tired and limp, even if we have slept for a long time. Honey is a real pick-me-up and can give you the much-needed kick in the morning when you can barely open your eyes. The fructose contained in honey also helps your body to break down the alcohol. Honey also contains anti-inflammatory enzymes, bioactive substances and antioxidants that help the body regenerate.

8. Anti-hangover-tea

If you want to declare war on the hangover after a long night with a powerful natural mixture, you can mix marjoram, yarrow and freshly grated ginger in the same proportions and pour hot water on top. Let the tea steep for a few minutes.

Then you can sweeten it with honey to your liking. The anti-hangover tea is not only an absolute insider tip from the household remedy corner, it also tastes really good.

9. Bananas

The exotic fruit is among the foods that put you in a good mood. As a valuable source of potassium and magnesium, they are also a proven remedy for annoying headaches after a night of heavy drinking.

Therefore, when your head is buzzing, grab some bananas, which can serve you as your hangover breakfast. Just mix them up as a shake with either cow or plant based milk. Add a spoonful of honey and you’re done.

10. Spiced Tomato Juice

This trendy drink, mostly known as an airplane beverage also deserves a place on our list. Add a little bit of lemon juice and a pinch of salt to some tomato juice and if your stomach tolerates it, you can top the drink with a little pepper too.

This mixture quenches your craving for salty foods and can replenish your mineral deposits faster. But be careful: if you think of a Bloody Mary now, you should definitely leave the vodka in the cupboard. Additional alcohol in the morning may delay and alleviate the hangover, but it cannot stop it. It’s better to give your body a break now.

11. Water

Last but not least: Water. The best remedy for a bad hangover is without a doubt water. Make sure to drink plenty of water while partying and to switch to non-alcoholic drinks occasionally during the evening.

Tip: Before you go to bed after partying, drink one to two glasses of water!

With all of these tips, you are definitely well prepared for the next party night. Have fun!

Happy New Year!

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