Vienna Pride 2023: Everything about Pride Month

Written by Christina Pichler, May 18, 2023

June is Pride Month! This means: visibility, protection and celebration of the LGBTQI+ community, rainbow flags, the Rainbow Parade, the Pride Run and more! In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Pride Month and show you the most important events you shouldn’t miss.

Pride Vienna: Understanding Pride Month

Pride – What are we proud of? Pride signifies that every single person should be proud of themselves, no matter their sexual orientation or identity. Nobody should feel like they have to hide or change who they are. Unfortunately, many LGBTQI+ members still experience exclusion, discrimination, hate and unequal treatment, which is the reason why we are fighting for their rights, equality, acceptance and awareness for a whole month. Every June we shine a light on love, tolerance and equal rights!

In this article, we will answer important questions about pride and pride month!

What does LGBTQI+ mean?

The acronym LGBTQI+ represents different sexual orientations and identities: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer und Intersex. The + is a wild card for all kinds of identities and orientations. Everybody should feel welcome in this community.

Why do we celebrate Pride Month?

Unfortunately, there are still so many prejudices against the LGBTQI+ community, which leads to exclusion and disadvantages. “Gay” is still used as a cuss word. In many countries, people are still persecuted because of their sexual orientation. People who openly live and express themselves are still side-eyed on the street, insulted and attacked. In some parts of society, homosexuality is still seen as a mental illness, even though the WHO has declared in 1990 that it is not a disease. That is exactly why we need to continue to fight for their rights, tolerance and equal rights.

The Pride month raises awareness for the problems in the LGBTQI+ community. The society and government are sensitized to these struggles, which enables us to solve them. In January 2019, same-sex marriage became legal in Austria. Since autumn 2022, homosexual people are no longer excluded from donating blood in Austria.

Love is love and every single person is perfect the way they are – and that’s what we are standing up for!

Fun fact: Did you know that the LGBTQI+ Community influenced the Austrian history and culture? For example, the Castle Belvedere was the summer residence of Prince Eugen von Savoyen who enjoyed the company of men not only on the battlefield but also in his free time. Eduard van der Nüll and August Sicard von Sicardsburg were both homosexual architects who designed the Viennese State Opera. The composer Schubert was part of what we call LGBTQI+ Community today and expressed his sentiments in his music.

How do we celebrate Pride Month?

Celebrate Pride month with other positive and fun people at parades, marches, events, workshops, parties and more! Take a look at the event calendar for the Vienna Pride 2023!

Wear it. Take advantage of this month to add some colour to your wardrobe. All of the colours of the rainbow fit perfectly. You can also add little rainbow flags to your clothes.

You can support the LGBTQI+ community with donations or volunteer work. Many organisations and charities try to support members of the LGBTQI+ community and your donation can help them continue their work. Here are some organisations based in Vienna that you can support financially or volunteer for: HOSI Vienna, Queer Base and Courage.

During Pride month, we want to shine a light on LGBTQI+ art and culture, including its artists, creators and authors. Read some LGBTQI+ books, visit the Queer Museum Vienna or listen to queer music!

Pride month is the perfect time to get educated! For example, learn more about the queer history of Vienna on this guided LGBTQI+ city tour!

Christopher Street Day (CSD): How did June become Pride Month?

In June 1969, a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, a LGBTQI+ bar in New York, turned violent. While fighting for equal rights many gays, lesbians and especially black people were injured and abused by the police.

These events were not uncommon at that time; however, in June 1969 gays, lesbians and transgender rioted and stood up against this violence. Since these violent incidents spread quickly, a LGBTQI+ movement started that fought for more visibility and awareness. They met in front of the Stonewall Inn and protested for equality and liberation of LGBTQI+ people. The Stonewall Inn was at Christopher Street. That’s why the anniversary of these protests has been called Christopher Street Day “CSD” since the 1970s.

Vienna Pride 2023

The Vienna Pride takes place from the 1st to the 18th of June 2023. During these weeks, numerous events and activities are organised for, from and with the LGBTQI+ community. Information events, marches, sports events, workshops, art exhibitions about pride await you!

Rainbow parade 2023: The most colourful demonstration in Vienna

The highlight of Pride Vienna is on the 17th of June 2023: the Rainbow Parade! For the 27th time, thousands of people will walk along the “Ring” in Vienna to demonstrate for the rights, acceptance and respect of the LGBTQI+ community in Austria and in the whole world. HOSI Vienna encourages you to show your positive message on posters, shirts, signs, etc.!

The Rainbow Parade is a public demonstration, which means that you can attend with your friends without prior registration. If you want to participate „officially“ or want to ride your parade waggon, you must register. You can register for the Rainbow Parade beginning on the 5th of April 2023. If you are in the mood for fun, positivity and acceptance and want to celebrate that with thousands of people, then the Rainbow Parade is a must-see!

Meeting point: 11 am at Rathausplatz, Vienna

Start: 1 pm

Announcements: 6pm at Rathausplatz (politicians and activists)

End: 10 pm

Route: It starts at Rathausplatz and continues along the Ringstraße towards the parliament, opera, Urania and back to Rathausplatz.

Pride Run 2023: Running for the rights and visibility of the LGBTQI+ Community

The other big event at the Vienna Pride is the Pride Run on the 3rd of June 2023. Athletes come together to fight for equality, respect and visibility of the LGBTQI+ community.  There are single, pair and team competitions for runners, Nordic walkers and people in wheel chairs.

Registration: You can register for this run until the 24th of May 2023. The participation fee is €48.

Route: The route is 5km. You start and end the run at Prater Hauptallee (close to the planetarium).

Start: 11 am

Getting your running number: You can get your running number on the 2nd of June 2023 from 3-7pm in WeMove Running Store in Wien Mitte The Mall.

More events: the best highlights of Pride Vienna in June 2023

In addition to the two big events, the Rainbow Parade and the Pride Run, there is a myriad of events from the 1st to the 16th of June. There is everything from panel discussions, workshops and museum tours to lectures and Pool & Beach Days.

Here are some more highlights at the Pride Vienna 2023:

  • Museum tour „Emotion & Intension“ at Leopold Museum on June 1, 2023
  • Pride Pool Day at Schönbrunner Bad on June 4, 2023
  • Vienna Pride Wedding Day on June 9, 2023
  • Pride Sun Downer Cocktail on June 13, 2023
  • Museum tour “TMW from a queer angle“ at the Technical Museum on June 16, 2023

In the event calendar you can find all events you can attend in these two weeks. Use this great offer to start interesting conversations, meet new people and make a loud statement for love and acceptance.

Queer Clubs and Bars: Trendy locations to celebrate

The queer clubbing and party scene in Vienna is loud and proud! The club “Why Not” in the 1st district is the perfect address for parties, amazing beats and tons of fun! There are numerous gay and lesbian bars, for example the Felixx and Matea Alta in Gumpendorfer Street. For more trendy locations take a look at this list of the best queer clubs and bars in Vienna!

There are also many queer-friendly clubs and bars in Graz. The Cafe Silber, the Postgaragen Cafe and the Vintage are locations that you should definitely give a try.

Do you live in Innsbruck and are looking for fun and safe spaces for your night out? Visit Bacchus or Dom Cafe. Great music, fun people and enough space to dance and celebrate!

In June rainbow flags decorate the city landscape and the famous same-sex, as well as mixed couples in the traffic lights shine bright. We celebrate the LGBTQI+ community with beautiful colours, the Rainbow Parade, the Pride Run and the numerous events in June. We are making a statement for the rights, equality and tolerance of all people. Because love is love!

If your sexual orientation or identity are currently a difficult subject for you and you want to talk to somebody, you can find counselling centres for LGBTQI+ people that can help you and give you advice. Maybe in the future you can also celebrate the Pride month loud and proud!


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