Wine Hiking Krems: the three most beautiful trails

Author: Nena Julia Aichholzer, 09.09.2021

Wine and hiking – a combination that has already cast a spell over many Austrians. In addition to physical activity, wine hiking is also about culinary, art and enjoyment. If you look closely, you will quickly realize that the wine often even wins the upper hand! Whether you stop at one of the numerous wine taverns along the way, prepare your own picnic or try many different wines in traditional wine cellars, wine hiking always feels like a short vacation. We recommend it to anyone but especially to those who want to get out of the city and enjoy nature and its fruits for a day!
Krems is the perfect starting point for many wine hiking routes because the small town at the Danube combines art, culture and nature and is known as a World Culture Site with centuries of winemaking tradition! By the way, did you know that Krems is the white wine capital of Austria? No? Get excited then because today we are introducing you to three of the most beautiful wine hiking trails in and around Krems!

Route 1: Krems to Krems-Unterloiben

  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Duration: 1:40h

In addition to the historic city centres of Krems and Stein, the Rebtor and the breathtaking Göttweig Abbey, this hike takes you through the wine terraces along the Danube, where you will walk next to many traditional dry stone walls until you get to Wachau! When you come at the right time, usually at the beginning of April, you can marvel at the apricot blossoms, which are one of the highlights in the area. There are train connections both to the start and from the final destination of the hike, which allow you to travel to and from the area very easily.

It is well known that Wachau is a great wine region. This is partly due to the dry, acidic soils, and the unique fjord climate with constant air circulation, as the Pannonian climate from the east meets the cooler influences from the south. The best place to try a glass of Riesling, Grüner Veltliner or Muscat!

Route 2: Krems to Krems-Senftenberg

  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Duration: 2:20h

Hiking in Waldviertel! On this hike, you will definitely understand where the Waldviertel got its name from. Green forests, impressive vineyards and small gardens characterize the landscape. This hike starts in Krems and takes you up to the high plateau, from where you can marvel at the surrounding vineyards in the direction of Galgenberg! Shortly afterwards your gaze will fall on the first castle ruins of the short hike, the Rehberg castle ruins. At the end of the wine hike you will reach the Senftenberg castle ruins, which are open all year round. A little bonus: Admission is free! Arrival and departure by train is also possible here.

As mentioned before, the climate of Kremstal is shaped by the meeting of the Atlantic and Pannonian climatic zones, and this also affects the wine. The most important factor that gives the wines of this region their special character is, in addition to the typical slate, loess and gravel soils, the rapid warming during the day and the strong nighttime cooling in this area. It’s best to try a glass of Riesling or Grüner Veltliner here.

Route 3: Krems to Dürnstein

Difficulty level: easy
Distance: 12.37 km
Duration 4:40h

This trail is the perfect hike for culture lovers! On this route you will not only pass the famous  Wachau Steinterrassen wine landscape, you will also get to hike through the historic districts of Krems and Stein and. In addition to the famous Dürnstein castle ruins, you will be able to see many other buildings from the Gothic, Renaissance and even the baroque period!

The tour starts at Hohen Markt in Krems and from STUWO Krems, you will only need about 8 minutes by bike or 20 minutes on foot to get there! Arrival and departure by train is also possible here. Passing the Piarist Church and the Kreuzbergstiege, the route continues into the Krems vineyards, through the beautiful old town of Stein and towards the Wachau wine-growing region. Past Höhereck and Kellerberg you will finally get to the ruins of Dürnstein.

In the area of ​​the Krems vineyards you will mainly find slate soils, which, like the quick warming during the day and the cool forest air at night, are partly responsible for the characteristics of Kremstal wines. You should definitely try a glass of Riesling or Grüner Veltliner here too!

Does the wine lover in you immediately want to go on one of these wine walks and enjoy a glass of wine along the way? However, you are not from the area? Then we recommend a short break at the STUWO Apartments Krems because here you can relax in modern apartments from the beginning of July to mid-September and let yourself be captivated by the special flair of the city of Krems and the surrounding area during the day!

As Vienna’s former mayor Michael Häupl used to say: “Man bringe den Spritzwein!” (Bring the sparkling wine!) Cheers!


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