Career networks for students: How to use them properly

Written by: Martin Högerl, Apr 28, 2022

Do you already have some work experience or do you want to start working now? Then you should consider using a career network. These offer many advantages for you and your career. There are different online platforms that help you with looking for a job and establishing business contacts. Therefore, we present you with the most important information and 10 easy tips!

What are career networks?

Career networks are mostly online platforms designed to establish business contacts and find jobs. There you can present yourself with your CV, get to know employers or colleagues, actively search for job offers or participate in further training and seminars. Simply put, a career network is a versatile tool to further develop your career. You can establish such a network via online platforms or personal contacts like colleagues and friends.

Advantages of digital career networks

Using career networks has many advantages:

1. Presence

You can increase your presence on the job market with a career network because your profile with your CV, work experience and skills is always available for other users. Therefore, potential employers and colleagues can find you online.

2. Availability

Thanks to the online platform, your profile is always available which means that interested users can look at your qualifications anytime and contact you. You can also look for new contact and job offers at all times.

3. Networking

As the name already indicates, an online platform is perfect for establishing a business network. Making and maintaining contacts is the most important thing in your career. New business contacts are the gateway to new opportunities. It is especially important for newcomers and students to make their first contacts in the business.

4. Exchange

Another advantage is that you can have conversations with other employees and workers. You can get some tips, reports and important information from other users in forums. There are discussion groups for a specific industry and mixed themes.

This advantage is extremely important for students because other newcomers and students share important information regarding first jobs, working contract conditions and job offers in your field of study.

Which career networks exist?

The two biggest career networks are LinkedIn and Xing, but there are many more that can also be interesting to you.


LinkedIn is a US-American company and online platform with millions of users. The big number of members and international networking are the biggest advantages of LinkedIn.

With a free basic membership you can easily register and create a profile with your CV and other important information. Furthermore, you can participate in discussion forums and upload job offers. Another great feature is the news feed that shows you brand-new job offers and contact information.


Xing is a German career network that is especially interesting for employees in Austria and Germany because of its focus on the German-speaking area. Here you can also create a profile with your CV and participate in discussion forums.

Thanks to a free basic membership you can also take advantage of the messenger service. Moreover, there is an event calendar with seminars, further training and various events.


MeetUp is a platform to connect to other like-minded people. Even though this online platform is not specialized for business, you can still find people working in the same field as you. Look for groups that are beneficial to your career.


Talents of Tomorrow (Talto) is a career network specially designed for students and graduates. A great feature is that this platform offers a job search tool with a focus on the field of study and location. You enter your field of study and study location and can find the right job for you. Moreover, you can talk with other students about employers, application process and studies. There are student jobs, internships and full-time jobs. is a scholarship platform and career network for students. With a free account you gain access to the job market and helpful information on “Study & Job”. Thanks to the clear event calendar, you will never miss information events and you can talk to other students and graduates in discussion forums.

Alumni & university offers

Another tip is alumni organizations and university offers because they are specially designed for students and usually subject-specific. This way you can easily make new contacts among students and potential employers. Often there are events such as job fairs and information events where you can get all the news. It is best to ask your university which programs are available for students and graduates.

Classic: personal contacts

Apart from all those apps and online platforms, you can also use your social environment. Friends, family, fellow students or even teachers may know about open job offers or influential persons. This way you can make new contacts that help your career.

10 tips: How to use career networks correctly

What do you have to keep in mind while using career networks? Your presentation, networking and maintenance of your profile are extremely important. Here are the best tips for a successful career network:

  1. Making contacts: Always remain polite and friendly when initiating contact or responding.
  2. Complete CV: Apart from relevant information about yourself also include former work experience, education, strengths, skills and job-relevant hobbies.
  3. Clear profile: Your profile is your business card. Make it look appealing, well structured and informative.
  4. Professional appearance: Your profile and your presentation should be professional. Everything you share should be relevant to your career.
  5. Keywords: Make sure to use keywords and important words in your texts depending on the field and career goals.
  6. Interaction: The goal is to establish new contacts. So, make sure to participate in discussions and stay in contact with other users.
  7. Orthography and grammar: Your texts should be correct, since this is part of your first impression on other users.
  8. Be honest: Do not exaggerate concerning your skills and experiences. Be honest about who you are, what you can do and what you are looking for.
  9. Check in regularly: Have a look at your app regularly, answer any messages and be present on the platform.
  10. Links to other profiles: If you have accounts on different platforms, you can link those in your profile.

With this overview and tips you are well equipped to use career networks efficiently. We have some tips for a successful application and popular student jobs to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This way you will have a great start in the working world and you will successfully establish a career network!


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