The 8 best cookbooks for students

Written by Dany Sima, Apr 20, 2023

Food makes you happy! Cooking your meals yourself is a lot of fun too! We have the perfect solution for you if you are looking for new recipes and asking yourself “What should I eat today?”. This way cooking will be fun! A student cookbook is the perfect addition to your student life. Vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, quick, easy, cheap and always incredibly delicious… These eight cookbooks for students have all the recipes you need for your daily life as a student! We wish you a lot of fun in the kitchen!

The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook

Author: Charlotte Pike

Price: €20.95

This vegetarian student cookbook is filled with over 130 easy, cheap and, most importantly, delicious vegetarian recipes! Charlotte Pike has amazing meat-free meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Savoury meals, such as lasagne, chili, casseroles, potato dishes and pasta, and sweet treats, such as brownies, toffees, pudding and cheesecake, will fill your meal plan! All the recipes are easy-to-follow and quick, which means that they are perfect for beginners, lazy cooks and students with little time!

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The Seriously Good Student Cookbook

Author: Quadrille

Price: €21.95

More than 80 tasty recipes will turn your boring kitchen into a culinary heaven. Toasts, eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, pasta, potatoes, rice, kebabs, pizza and healthy bowls will enrich your weekly meal plan. Every recipe is accompanied by pictures and easy-to-follow instructions. This cookbook is perfect for total beginners and busy students who still don’t want to miss out on heavenly meals.

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The Ultimate Student Cookbook


Price: €19

You want to eat healthy and delicious food, but are living on a budget and don’t have much time on your hands? Then these easy, quick and tasty recipes are perfect for you! The team from collected the best recipes for your student life at university. The difficulty level ranges from absolute beginner to advanced host of dinner parties. You will find tasty recipes for every occasion! Moreover, with these tips, you will save a lot of money and time!

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Sam Stern’s Student Cookbook

Author: Sam Stern

Price: €15.50

Celebrity cook Sam Stern came up with a collection of recipes tailored to the needs of hungry students! These dishes are budget-friendly, easy to make and of course delicious! The catching symbols in the book guide you towards categories like “budget” and “cooking time”. And you can easily adapt the recipes to your food preferences. You will find the perfect recipe for each occasion and taste. It’s practical that the recipes are grouped together into categories!

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Vegan College Cookbook

Author: Amanda Baines

Price: €29.40

With this cookbook, being vegan in university will be a lot easier. These recipes are super easy, quick and tasty! Of course, the author had the financial situation of students in mind, so all of these recipes are budget-friendly. You will find delicious recipes for breakfast, for example overnight oats or tofu scramble, and ideas for lunch and dinner, such as vegan nachos, risotto, and sweet potato chili! Your sweet tooth will also be satisfied with desserts and snacks, for example chocolate mug cake and cherry crisp. Satisfy your inner vegan cook with these recipes from the vegan student cookbook!

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Student Friendly Cookbook

Author: Elizabeth Flournoy

Price: €25.50

This cookbook delivers the tastiest recipes for students on a tight budget. There are more than 80 recipes that you can include into your daily meal plan. If you are an absolute beginner, a lazy cook or just short on time, these easy-to-follow recipes are perfect for you. Step-by-step explanations will make sure that every single dish will be a success!

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Solo – The Joy of Cooking for One

Author: Signe Johansen

Price: €16.95

This cookbook is perfect for you if you usually have a dinner for one. These quick and easy recipes will put delicious meals on your table from healthy breakfasts to tasty dinners and heavenly desserts. Salads, light snacks, one-pot recipes, tapas and more. To save time and money, there are recipes for batch cooking and meal prepping. So treat yourself to some colourful, delicious and nutritious food! And you will have it all to yourself!

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Student Brain Food

Author: Lauren Lucien

Price: €18.50

Taking care of your grey matter is really important so that you can perform well at university. A healthy and balanced diet is essential for the wellbeing of your brain. Therefore, you should incorporate the so-called brain food into your meal plan. This healthy student cookbook provides you with over 100 delicious and nutritious recipes that are easy-to-follow and illustrated with step-by-step guides. Hearty meals that sustain you during exam period, sweet treats as a reward after a long day at university and fancy meals for dinner parties and dates equip you with everything your stomach desires!

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All these cookbooks for students will help you create a colourful meal plan! No matter if you are a complete newbie in the kitchen or gourmet chef, you will master these easy and quick meals. You can find more delicious recipes and nutrition tips in our blog category “student recipes”!

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