Farmers’ Market Vienna: Seasonal and fresh food from local farmers

Written by: Helene Ausserwöger, 04.04.2024

Are you looking for a change and want to find high-quality food that is produced with love and care? Then you should definitely go check out Vienna’s farmers’ markets! These vibrant marketplaces do not only offer an abundance of fresh, local, and high-quality products but also play a crucial role in sustainable consumption. Visiting Vienna’s farmers’ markets will allow you to build a relationship with the producers directly, support the local agriculture and avoid unnecessary packaging material. The best part is that most of the stalls offer samples of their products, so you can easily taste your way through numerous local delicacies. So in order to help you shop more consciously while supporting local agriculture, we gathered a list of all the best farmers’ markets in Vienna for you. Let’s embark on a culinary journey together and explore the diversity of Vienna’s farmers’ markets!