How to keep your apartment cool: the best tipps

Written by: Christina Pichler, 15.07.2021

Temperatures are rising, sweat is dripping, and the only place below 30 degrees is at the inside of your fridge. Summer is here and with it comes the heat. Although you’ve dreamed of being able to sit outside for a long time at night, to ride a pedal boat on the lake and not always have to take a jacket with you all winter long – the temperatures are getting a little too high and your apartment could almost pass as a sauna. Installing an air conditioning system is in most cases way too expensive and not really environmentally friendly either – that’s why today we’re going to show you how you can cool your apartment in summer!

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Cool your home – easy and quick tips to implement

1.Close the window
Try to keep the windows and doors of your apartment closed as much as possible during the day. This way you prevent the hot air from outside from sneaking into your rooms. At night, you can open the windows and let the fresh breeze cool your apartment down.

2. Ventilate properly
Leaving the window tilted all day in summer is a huge NO-GO, because you don’t only let the warm air in, but also prevent all cooling processes too. Try to only ventilate for 5-15 minutes at a time, as this is the most effective version in summer.

3. Darken
Curtains and blinds also help to keep the heat from outside from invading your apartment! If you don’t have any blinds, you can ask your property manager if they can be installed. If you live in a flat or in a student dormitory, you can simply use sheets or towels to darken your windows.

4. Washing day = Favorite day
Simply hang your wet laundry in front of your window. This works best with bed sheets or towels. They catch the heat, dry really quickly and also cool your apartment down! – Tip: Make sure to clean the windows beforehand.

5. Unplug electrical devices
It is best to unplug all electrical devices that are not in use, as their energy consumption produces unnecessary heat even in standby mode, which you simply cannot use in summer!

6. Leave the doors open
In apartments with several rooms or shared apartments, it can be helpful to leave the doors open during the day. Do you have a fan but your roommates don’t? Leave the doors open, so the heat does not build up and the cool air can be distributed in all rooms. Sharing is caring!

Cooling as an investment

7. Window films
You are not allowed, cannot or do not want to install curtains in your room? Then window films are the perfect option for you! You can buy them for a low price at any well-stocked hardware store and simply stick them on your window. Incidentally, they can also be easily removed again and thus avoid any dispute with your landlord. Best of all: it not only gives you privacy, but also sun protection that makes your apartment a little cooler.

8. Paint the walls light
A somewhat complex but very worthwhile option. Paint your walls! Dark colors contain heat longer, so it is advisable to paint your walls in light colors. In addition, a bright wall reflects the light better, which means that you will need less artificial light. Since many lamps also give off heat, this is an extra cooling benefit!

9. Old buildings
If you are lucky enough to live in a house that is generally rather cold, it is advisable to use the cold air of the hallway for your apartment as well. Simply open the apartment door for ventilation! Caution: the ventilation can quickly lead to slamming doors. Block the door with a doorstop or a heavy object to avoid fights with your neighbors! Tip: stay near the open door to prevent uninvited guests from entering.

10. Extractor hood
A lot of heat is generated during cooking, so if you don’t just want to live of watermelon, salads and one or the other cocktail all summer long, it is best to put the extractor to use since it leads the heat directly out of your apartment!

11. Fan
A real air conditioner is way too expensive, not allowed in your apartment or it just doesn’t work? A fan offers a great alternative for air circulation and thus creates a more pleasant room climate. Here you will find a cheap fan and here the luxury version from Dyson. Important: A fan only moves the air and therefore only makes it appear cooler. However, the motor gives off heat, which is why the room does not get cooler in the long term, but even warmer instead. Therefore, if you leave your apartment, turn off the fan!

12. Insulation
You live directly under the roof and nothing can beat the summer heat? In many cases, unfortunately, only good insulation helps. If you are a tenant, it is advisable to keep the summer situation in mind before moving in and to clarify in advance whether the apartment is well insulated.

If nothing helps:

13. Freeze your water bottle
If your apartment just doesn’t want to cool down, you have to get creative! In addition to iced coffee and cold lemonades, we recommend putting a water bottle in the freezer for a few hours before you take it with you when you are out and about! But be careful: do not leave it in the freezer for too long, otherwise it could burst!

14. Make ice cream yourself
Another great idea to cool off is ice cream! By the way, banana ice cream is very easy, healthy and inexpensive to make in your own kitchen. All you need is a few frozen bananas, a blender, and other fruits of your choice. Put the frozen bananas and fresh fruits in the blender and off you go: If your blender is having trouble with mixing the bananas, you can add a little milk or milk alternatives to make mixing easier.

15. Go outside
If nothing works, we recommend that you turn your back on your apartment for a few hours. Grab your roommates, call your friends and make your way to a lake, for example at the STUWO Heim Seestadt Aspern or the STUWO Heim Villach. After all, the holidays are also there to relax! Here you will find the most beautiful bathing lakes in and around Innsbruck if you want to explore a bit!


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