Traveling with pets: The best tips for a relaxed vacation

Written by: Hannes Wagner, 08.07.2021

Leaving your dog at home, with friends or family and going on vacation without him? For many dog ​​owners this is absolutely out of the question, because their four-legged friends are an important part of the family and deserve a vacation too.

Going on vacation with an animal brings some obstacles with it that you should be aware of, preferably before you start your travels. Long or hot transport routes are often difficult and not every holiday destination and every accommodation welcomes animals with open arms. In order to make your vacation enjoyable and above all relaxing for you and your pet, we found the best tips for a vacation with your dog which we are about to share with you!

What is the best place to travel to with a dog? Where can you go on holiday with dogs if you are on a tight budget? What do you have to consider when traveling with an animal? We’ll clarify all of that now!

Animal-friendly travel destination

The first question you ask yourself before every vacation is: Where should I go? Would you rather chill at the beach or climb the mountains and enjoy the view? Do you want to sleep in a hotel or do you prefer your own apartment?

In addition to your personal preferences, as a dog owner you also have to be considerate of your four-legged friend’s needs. You probably know best how much your dog likes to travel and which routes you can bring him on without facing any major obstacles.

If you have not yet taken a holiday together, it is advisable to take a short weekend test excursion before going on your real holiday to see how your dog reacts to a new environment and long car journeys!

Apartments instead of hotels

As soon as the destination is set, the search for the perfect accommodation begins. But beware, not all hotels are happy about animal guests. It often happens that there are dog-free zones despite so-called dog rooms, so it is best to ask very carefully before your holiday in order to not face a bad surprise.

A great alternative to a hotel is a holiday apartment, because you and your dog have all the freedom you have at home and do not have to worry about any dog ​​bans in dining or communal halls. Keep in mind that you always have to state your dog when booking. In some cases there is even a small surcharge for your four-legged companion.

Off-season instead of main season

Traveling in the off-season is not only cheaper than during peak travel times, but also less stressful if you have a dog as a travel companion. Firstly, there is less going on in general, which means there is less excitement and distraction and you and your dog can relax better. Secondly, it is not as hot in the off-season as it is in midsummer, and you don’t have to worry about your dog burning its paws on the scorching beach.

STUWO tip: Use spring and autumn for a vacation with your dog!

Adventure time instead of a lazy vacation

You have to go for a walk anyway, so why not plan a hike or an active holiday to begin with? Many dog ​​owners prefer the more adventurous route and stay away from mass tourism, because it allows you to move more freely and, above all, makes you experience less stress throughout your vacation. And lounging all day in a spa wouldn’t be your dogs first choice!

Extra time for your arrival and departure

The perfect travel destination has been found, the accommodation is booked and you and your dog are finally ready for your long-awaited vacation. When travelling, whether by car, train or maybe even by plane, it is important to be very patient. Try to go for a walk right before you leave and make sure you schedule in a few breaks!

For many dogs, a trip is also more pleasant if they can spend it close to someone they trust instead of the trunk, so you can calm your dog down if necessary. Investing in a good transport box is also worthwhile. It is best to think about your specific needs:

  • Do you often use public transport? Then a light and collapsible box is perfect for you.
  • Long journeys by car are typical for you? Then we recommend a large transport box that can be easily fixed and also darkened.
  • If you travel by airplane, also think about any special health certificates the airline or the authorities might need.

Also keep in mind that your dog, just like you, needs to be catered for. Treats should always be carried in your hand luggage anyways and on hot days you should definitely have enough water ready for you and your dog.

Official entry requirements

You can easily travel within the EU with a valid pet passport. Please note that some authorities might also need special health certificates.

For some non-EU countries, there are stricter entry rules and mandatory vaccinations. It is best to find out more about this before you leave in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. The embassy of your holiday country can give you information on all your questions; you can also inquire in travel agencies too.

Enough food

The farmer doesn’t eat anything he doesn’t know and your dog doesn’t either? In this case, it is advisable to take enough food with you on vacation. When you travel to another country, pet foods are often very different from what your dog is used to. In order to avoid upset stomachs, we recommend that you simply take your dog’s favorite food with you and that in sufficient quantities. After all, vacation always means feasting!


Once you are in another country, customs, cultures and habits are often very different from what you are used to. Find out what is allowed and what is not. Letting the dog run free or letting it bathe, for example. In many holiday resorts, there are dog beaches where your dog can get a well-earned cooling off without breaking any rules.

We hope our tips could help you and make travelling with your pet way easier!

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