Mother’s Day Gifts: The 13 Most Creative Ideas

Written by: Christina Pichler, 15.04.2021

Flowers, poems and mothers day wishes. Every year on the second sunday of May we celebrate Mother’s Day. But why do we do this?

The initiative is actually not an idea of ​​ flower shops in order to increase their sales, it is a result of an initiative of the women’s rights activist Anna Jarvis. She started celebrating Mothers day in 1905 in order to raise awareness for problems and obstacles women face in their personal life.

In 1914, the second Sunday in May became an official holiday in the USA. In Europe, Mother’s Day has only been celebrated since the 1920s. But this celebration is not a completely new idea, because as early as 250 years before Christ there was already a festival for goddesses, where, in addition to women, the focus was on gratitude for all life on earth.

Without our mums, we would not be here today, they raised us, have always been there for us and also love us on days when we don’t even like ourselves. And we forget to say thank you far too often. Our mothers only deserve the very best, so we found the best Mother’s Days gifts for you – to make your mom happy and say THANK YOU!

Don’t worry, even if your budget is rather small, you will find a tip that suits you and your mom! It doesn’t matter whether it’s flowers, a relaxing massage or just an honest thank you, we are certain she will appreciate you thinking of her.

Important note: Try to listen carefully to your mom and find out what she likes so that you can really find the perfect gift for her!

1. Time

An unbeatable classic. Have you just moved out and only see your mother 2-3 times a year? Give her a little of your time, because time is the most precious gift! You can do this in many different ways: a phone call, a nice card, a visit, or even a full weekend for the two of you!

Our recommendation: go and visit your mom and maybe even bring her a homemade cake! We guarantee that your mom will be very happy!

2. A look into your world

Depending on your budget and weather conditions, you can go on great trips with your mom in various cities and let her take part in your new life as a student!

Did you recently move to the Austrian capital? How about a city tour through the first district, a guided tour of the university grounds or an extensive coffee break in one of the famous Viennese coffee houses?

Maybe Graz is your new “Grätzel” and your mom should get to know your city a little better. No problem, here you will find the 10 best things to do in Graz and the best part: they’re all free!

But if you have ended up in the south of Austria, Villach for example, we recommend the most beautiful excursion destinations around Villach!

3.  Your Mom’s perfect day

This idea requires a little more planning and attention than our other tips, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

Plan your mom’s perfect day! Does she love fresh croissants for breakfast? A yoga class makes her super happy and playing board games in the evening is her great passion? Then you know what to do! It is important to fully respond to her wishes. You can of course just ask her what she would like to do best!

4. A sporty day

Is your mom’s favorite activity to work out? Great, then invite her to a weekend run or buy her a new functional shirt!

Do you want to be more creative? How about a self-made sports plan or a DIY competition shirt for the next marathon that you design especially for her? Here you will find the top 10 home workout exercises, let them inspire you!

5. Massage

Hard work, long days and lots of people to take care of? If this applies to your mother, it is high time you give her a little relaxation. Get her a massage and with it some time for herself. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose one of many options here. Starting with a head massage, through acupuncture up to a healing massage – there are many options for relaxation!

6. Wellness

You and your mom could really use a little break right now? Then just invite her to a wellness evening! Many Spas offer great deals on Mother’s Day that you can make use of. Alternatively, you can also check whether hotels in your area offer SPA days!

Do you prefer to stay at home? Then just buy face masks, snacks and your mother’s favorite drink and convert your living room into a temple of relaxation!

7. DIY wellness box

Your budget is not quite enough for a visit to the SPA, but you still want to give your mom some relaxation and time for “self-care”? No problem! Create a DIY wellness box and surprise your mom with a homemade peeling, a homemade face mask and maybe even a glass of sparkling wine!

Homemade peeling

What you need for a self-made peeling: cane sugar, coconut oil, essential oil (as prefered)

This is how it works: 

  • Mix sugar and coconut oil in a 1: 1 ratio
  • Add about 3 drops of the essential oil 
  • Your homemade peeling is ready! 

You can now simply put the scrub in a beautiful glass to give away! You can find more instructions for homemade face masks here!

8. DIY Chocolate

Chocolate makes you happy! And homemade chocolate is even better than chocolate from the store! You can design the chocolate individually according to your mother’s preferences and add an extra portion of love!

What you need: Chocolate (depending on your preference, dark, vegan, etc.), toppings (nuts, caramel, edible flowers, dried berries …), aluminum foil, baking paper, pot and bowl for a water bath and a nice bow for wrapping!

Here’s how it works: 

  • Carefully melt the chocolate in a water bath
  • While it melts, you can make a shape out of aluminum foil
  • When the chocolate has melted, fill it in the mold, add your toppings and let the whole thing dry
  • When everything has cooled down and hardened again, you can cut the chocolate into pieces and wrap them up – done!

9. Photo Album

3,000 pictures on your smartphone but not a single one in your photo album? Time to change that! It is much nicer to look through a photo album than to swipe through old folders on your phone. Pick your favorite family photos, have them printed – for example at dm Fotoparadies – choose a nice album and get creative! How about, for example, a re-do of your favorite children’s photos? Grab siblings or family members and simply recreate old pictures! Try to wear similar clothing and take the new picture in the same or a similar location as the original picture. This idea takes a bit more time than the others, but it will definitely be worth it and not only please your mom on Mother’s Day but for a long time!

10. DIY flower pot

With this DIY the motto is: get creative! There are several ways to decorate a flower pot, but acrylic paints are best for painting them, as they are waterproof and stick to almost any surface! If painting is not your thing, you can put other things on the flower pot too! For example mosaic stones – all you need is mosaic stones, tile adhesive and a cool idea!

11. Plants for the garden

A bouquet of flowers is something very beautiful! Plants for the garden are even more beautiful, last longer and can also be useful! Since Mother’s Day is in May, it’s also perfect for plants that can be planted outside! Surprise your mom with an extraordinary tomato variety for example!


Seeing your mom in person is not an option this year? No problem, simply send her floral greetings! Many regional florists offer blooming and fragrant surprises for delivery. The long-established company “Blumen Brunner” from the Bregenz district, for example, offers particularly inventive creations, which supplies all mums at the “Ländle”.
You can choose from various creatively designed flowerboxes that are guaranteed to bring a lot of joy.
Mother’s Day bouquets are available in three different sizes. You can either choose classics such as red roses or get more colorful boxes and add a personal greeting card as well.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your desired bouquet at the webshop
  • Enter the delivery address and a short text for the greeting card
  • Choose payment method: by invoice, credit card, PayPal
  • Your Flowerbox will be delivered to your front door on Mother’s Day

If that’s not a nice surprise, we don’t know what is!

13. Voucher book

Your heart is full but your wallet is empty? No worries! Grab paper and scissors and make a small book of vouchers for your mom! Everything is possible here. Cleaning, taking care of your little siblings, helping with computer problems or acting as a shopping companion – think about what your mom could use for a little bit of joy! Your mom will definitely be happy for a mindful voucher!

Show your mom how much you love her not only on Mother’s Day, but every day!

We hope we could inspire you with our extraordinary gift ideas for Mother’s Day and wish you and your mom a wonderful day!

All the best, your STUWO team!

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