Schools in Lambach: Educational Opportunities in Agriculture, Business & Science

Written by: Nena Aichholzer, 07.09.2023

Are you currently confronted with the difficult decision of which secondary school best suits your talents and future plans? Agriculture, business and science are totally your thing? Then Lambach is the right place for you!

The Benedictine Abbey, the Collegiate Church and the Calvary are three of the most famous sights in the picturesque town in Upper Austria. But the small town is not only rich in history, but also in educational opportunities. Today, we’ll introduce you to three schools in Lambach.

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ABZ Lambach: The Agricultural Education Center

“Learn together – live together – celebrate together” is the slogan of the Agricultural Education Center Lambach. The ABZ is located at the river Traun, right next to the STUWO dormitory and specializes in agricultural subjects. Young adults can choose from three branches of education here: Domestic Science, Agriculture and Horse College.

While the Horse College is the only training program where you can graduate from highschool by doing a 4- or 6-year training program, the other two courses only last three years and allow you to complete your compulsory school education.

Domestic science college: Nutrition, health & household management

Nutrition, business, early childhood care and social issues are big topics on the curriculum here.

As already mentioned, the training at the Hauswirtschaftsschule Lambach lasts three years and includes many practical assignments, which means that you don’t just have to learn everything by heart, but can also apply what you’ve learned in practice!

You want to improve your skills in kitchen, service, decoration and organization? Do you enjoy working with children? Are you committed, a team player and open to new ideas? Then this is the right place for you!

Agricultural college: Theory & practice in agricultural education

From plant cultivation to animal husbandry: The specialization in agriculture at the Lambach Agricultural School offers you a well-founded and qualified education for the management of an agricultural and forestry business. You enjoy practical work, like to learn new things and have an enthusiasm for agriculture? Then you should choose the agricultural college!

Horse college: Everything about horse care, breeding & training

The third specialization you can choose at the ABZ is the Horse Management School Lambach. You can either do the 4-year Horse Management or the 6-year Horse Management & Economics which includes doing your high school diploma at the HAK Lambach. After this course, you can either run an equine business or work as a riding instructor for example.

HAK Lambach: Private School in the Benedictine Abbey

The HAK Lambach is a 5-year school, which allows you to graduate with a high school diploma. The private school has its premises in the Benedictine Abbey Lambach. Since HAK Lambach is a private school, keep in mind that you also have to pay for school fees. At HAK Lambach this tuition is amounted to 123€ per month (10x per year). For this you also get a great offer: In addition to the economic education, your social network will be strengthened and valuable practical experience will be gained throughout your education!

MNIT: Media network & information technology

Modern technologies for business and engineering. This branch keeps its promises! Dealing with media is becoming increasingly important and HAK Lambach prepares you for this. Whether social media, professional photography or modern web projects with CMS, in the Media Network & Information Technology branch you will learn everything that is important to be able to make decisions at the interface of business and technology!

IBC: International business & communication

Global business topics and a new foreign language, the training branch IBC puts business education as well as a great emphasis on your language skills on the forefront! During your training in International Business & Communication, you will get to know other cultures better, gain important insights into international marketing and experience real-life corporate life in one of the many training companies.

HME: Horse management & economis

This course only launched in 2013 but enables all graduates of the ABZ Lambach a second education, also known as dual education, in the field of horse management. By the way, Horse Management & Economics is the only dual education in Austria! Here you can learn more about the management of horse businesses, have practical riding lessons and French as a second foreign language. This training is also completed with a maturity and diploma examination. This opens all doors for your further academic training, but also for your career in the horse industry!

RG-Lambach: The Abbey Gymnasium

The Realgymnasium Lambach is a Catholic private school with a focus on natural sciences. This means that geometric drawing is included in the curriculum in the 4th grade and students in the 7th and 8th grade can choose between biology and physics or descriptive geometry as an in-depth focus. On the way to the Matura, the RG Lambach offers you a wide range of exciting activities such as the Open Lab or the Summer Academy. In addition to your intellectual education, a lot of emphasis is placed on physical activity and fitness. From summer sports weeks to archery, fistball and the Wuzzeltournament – here you can really let off steam!

RG-Lambach offers you a holistic education and encourages critical thinking and personal development of all students. With a strong emphasis on research and scholarship, this school excellently prepares its graduates for academic careers and challenging professions. You want to do your high school diploma and are particularly interested in science? Then the Stiftsgymnasium is the right school for you!

Conclusion: Learning in Idyllic Lambach by the Traun

In Lambach, many educational paths are open to you. Whether you are interested in agricultural sciences, business or science, the schools in Lambach offer you a great education that will prepare you for a successful future. If you still have a hard time deciding, we recommend that you visit the schools on an open house day! This way you can get a first impression, talk to students and maybe even meet your new classmates! And while you’re in Lambach, be sure to check out the Traunfall! Here you can find more information and some more destinations around Lambach.

No matter which school you finally choose, STUWO wishes you all the best for your future!

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