USI Vienna: The most popular and extraordinary courses

Written by Kerstin Lakits, Apr 07, 2022

Sport and active movement are part of a healthy life as a student. Home workouts and gyms are not your thing? Then you can try a course at USI Vienna. From handball to gymnastics to tennis – the USI has the perfect course for everyone.

We’ll give you a little preview of the extensive offer and provide the most important information. This way there is nothing stopping you from living an active semester.

What are USI courses?

The University Sports Institute Vienna offers special classes for students, university staff and graduates. There are classes at the USI locations as well as discounted access to sports courses from external providers.

Which USI courses are offered in Vienna?

Ball games, gymnastics, yoga, dancing, combat sport, resistance training and much more. Due to the extensive offer at the USI Vienna, we warmly recommend the course portfolio. There you can explore the offer and look for specific courses.

Yoga + Pilates

Whether it’s just yoga, just Pilates or a combination of both, these classes are always full. The many positive effects – better body conscience, balance, reduced stress, improved cardiovascular system & much more – of yoga and Pilates explain their popularity. No matter how active, flexible or experienced you are, yoga and Pilates classes are open for everybody.


Sport is much more fun with music. Zumba takes advantage of this principle. You’ll dance your way through the course with rhythmic movements and easy choreographies. It doesn’t matter if you can feel the rhythm, Zumba is perfect for everybody who wants to combine sports and fun.

Padel tennis

Padel tennis is surely becoming one of the most popular sports, also at the USI. Padel is a mix of tennis and squash. The rules are derived from tennis, the walls from squash. Padel tennis is a funny new sport that you don’t want to miss out on.

Boxing and kick boxing

This sport is perfect to completely exhaust yourself. In this course, you’ll learn the right technique and have the opportunity to give it your all. At the same time, you improve your endurance, strength and coordination.

Our tips: Extraordinary classes at the USI Vienna

Despite the classics, there are also some extraordinary classes that you should definitely try.

Pound Rockout Workout

Music is your life? Then you’ll love a Pound Rockout Workout because it’s all about the music during this full body workout. You’ll jam to some music with two drum sticks while working your muscles. Endurance and strength training as well as lots of fun are guaranteed!

Aerial Hammock Acrobatics

You want to combine and improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and dynamics? Then you should definitely give Aerial Hammock Acrobatics a try. With a hammock (u-shaped silk), you’ll get into the air and push your body to its highest performance. This class is also perfect for complete beginners!

Underwater rugby

Water is your element? Then underwater rugby is maybe your type of sport! This sport is not only super fun, but also challenges you physically: speed, strength & endurance. And you also need your brain to think along and play strategically.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is the only type of Kung Fu that was developed by a woman. Despite going through an intense physical workout, you also develop knowledge about self-defence. The course is for everybody, even complete martial arts beginners!

During my studies, I tried several sports courses. From yoga to endurance training and swimming, I gave a lot of sport types a try. I especially loved the swimming classes at the university sports institute “Auf der Schmelz” because using the swimming pool at university was included in the price. This way I didn’t have to spend money on entrance to swimming centres. Especially the cheap prices for the sportive offer are perfect for students.

Michael from Vienna

For one semester I did piloxing at the USI “Auf der Schmelz” and I absolutely loved it. Great instructor, amazing music and exhausting workouts. And it was just something different for once and I can only recommend it. It was a perfect workout session before my afternoon classes. Signing up is super easy and the classes are not expensive at all.

Jasmin from Vienna

Course schedule: When do classes start?

In principle, USI classes always take place during the term. In the winter term, the classes start on the 1st of October, in the summer term on the 1st of March. There are also classes that are organised in blocks. It’s best to put all the course dates in your calendar when you sign up, so that you don’t miss a class.

Prices: How much do the courses cost?

The prices of USI classes vary depending on the type of sport, price category and provider. Classes offered by external providers tend to be more expensive than classes offered by the USI. Students under 25 pay less then students over 25 or graduates. You can find detailed price information in the information section of every course.

Cancellation: What, if I change my mind?

You don’t like the course you signed up for or a lecture messed up your schedule? No problem, usually you can cancel the course within two weeks after the term started. In the summer term that would be in the middle of March, in the winter term it would be in the middle of October. Should you not be able to attend to the course because of an injury, you can cancel your course with a confirmation from your physician.

So, are you curious yet? Then get onto the website of the USI and start looking for courses. We wish you a lot of fun on your sports adventure! By the way, each STUWO dormitory has its own gym with dumbbells, sports equipment and a cardio area. Perfect for uncomplicated and quick workouts in the comfort of your home.


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