The most beautiful hiking trails around Graz

Written by Hannes Wagner, Jun 16, 2022

The Capital of Delight Graz offers many advantages that make your life as a student better. One of these advantages is the easy access to nature. You quickly get to green areas where you can challenge yourself on the most beautiful running trails, cool down in beautiful lakes or relax in wonderful parks and gardens. Today we are going to aim high with our tips for the best hiking trails around Graz!

1. Hiking at Schöckl

The local mountain Schöckl has a big variety of offers: a fitness parkour, summer toboggan run, handicapped accessible routes, trail area, gondola rides and much more!

  • Highlight: panorama view Slovenia-Italy
  • Region: St. Radegund bei Graz
  • Duration: 4h05
  • Length: 10 km
  • Level: moderate
  • Altitude: 670m

Tip: The Schöckl is more than just a mountain; it’s a true adventure area! Take enough time to explore everything!

2. Hiking at Semriach

The many information signs on this hiking route turn it into a workout for your legs and your brain.

  • Highlight: fairy tale area
  • Region: Semriach
  • Duration: 1h45
  • Length: 5.4 km
  • Level: easy
  • Altitude: 189m

Tip: If you love to learn about nature, then this trail with many informational input along the way is perfect for you.

3. Circular Hike Schartnerkogel

Hiking around the Schartnerkogel will reward you with a wonderful view, alpine terrain and nature!

  • Highlight: mysterious bear cave
  • Region: Deutschfreistritz
  • Duration: 3h30
  • Length: 10 km
  • Level: moderate
  • Altitude: 664 m/667 m

Tip: You can definitely visit the Schartnerkogel more than once because you can choose among three different routes.

4. Circular hiking route Basilica Mariatrost

The hike to basilica Mariatrost starts in the university district in Graz, takes you into green areas and then back to the starting point.

  • Highlight: wild animals zoo & view from the basilica Mariatrost
  • Region: Graz (start: university district)
  • Duration: 3h30
  • Length: 12.9 km
  • Level: easy to moderate
  • Altitude: 210 m

Tip: The starting point for this tour is easily accessible with the public transport (bus stop Schubertstraße).

5. Lost Places: Laßnitzhöhe

This easily accessible hiking route shows you forgotten spots at Laßnitzhhöhe.

  • Highlight: tea house and arboretum
  • Region: Laßnithhöhe (Graz-Umgebung)
  • Duration: 2h05
  • Length: 7.55 km
  • Level: moderate
  • Altitude: 140 m

Tip: If all this walking left you hungry, then the restaurant Liebmann at the end of the trail is perfect for a little culinary treat.

6. 3-Lake-Adventure

This adventurous route takes you to three lakes and through romantic woods.

  • Highlight: cooling down in the lakes
  • Region: Hirschegg – Pack – Köflach
  • Duration: 9h30
  • Length: 27.7 km
  • Level: hard
  • Altitude: 970 m

Tip: Since each lake can be a starting point, you don’t have to visit all three lakes in one day.

7. Circular hike to Mühlbacherhütte

Whether you’re going for a relaxed walk or a challenging hike, your efforts are rewarded with a stop in Mühlbacherhütte.

  • Highlight: break at Mühlbacherhütte
  • Region: Rein (Graz-Seckau)
  • Duration: 5h
  • Length: 16.5 km
  • Level: moderate
  • Altitude: 608 m

Tip: Make sure to bring some coins for the vending machines along the way to get fresh drinks.

8. KERN-BUAM panorama hike

In honour of the traditional music group “Kern-Buam”, the panorama-hiking route in Graden bei Köflach was opened in 2003.

  • Highlight: idyllic mountain village
  • Region: Graden bei Köflach
  • Duration: 5h30
  • Length: 16.4 km
  • Level: moderate
  • Altitude: 628m

Tip: There are two alternative routes (10.2 km and 10.7 km).

9. Kesselfallklamm

This family-friendly hiking route takes you through the wildly romantic Klamm.

  • Highlight: viewing platform to Schöckl
  • Region: Semriach – Peggau
  • Duration: 1h
  • Length: 2.5 km
  • Level: easy to moderate
  • Altitude: 200 m/181 m

Tip: After your hike you can recharge your batteries with some traditional Styrian dishes at the Gasthof Sandwirt.

10. West Styrian Way of St. James (Part 1)

The Way of St. James in the west of Styria attracts countless pilgrims and hikers each year. They hike in several parts from Graz to the monastery in Seckau and Lavamünd.

  • Highlight: St. James church in Thal bei Graz
  • Region: Graz – Lavamünd – Seckau
  • Duration: 5h30
  • Length: 16 km
  • Level: moderate
  • Altitude: 798 m/584 m

Tip: You will need overnight stays if you want to walk the complete Way of St. James. However, you can hike some parts in one day.

Katharina from STUWO Smart Living: Whenever I need a break and the weather is great, I “hike” on the Schloßberg. It’s perfect, not too exhausting, but still challenging. On the mountaintop I enjoy the amazing view over Graz, let my mind wander and walk around on the many pathways. A perfect time-out in nature in the middle of Graz.

Helpful tips for hiking

To ensure that your next hike is going to be a fantastic excursion, we recommend the PEAK mountain check: planning, equipment, assessment, control!

  • Planning: Research opportunities to take a break beforehand. How long and where should the hike be? Are there alternative routes?
  • Equipment: You need weatherproof shoes, a hiking backpack with enough food and drinks, sun and rain protection, emergency equipment (e.g. Band-Aids, etc.) and a phone.
  • Assessment: Make sure that all hikers are ready for the difficulty level. Are you all fit and rested?
  • Control: At the beginning and during your hike, you should keep the situation under control and spot potential dangers (e.g. sudden changes in the weather, darkness, animals, etc.).
  • Stay on marked pathways! Save the emergency number of the mountain rescue team (140), just in case.

We wish you a safe and fun hike!

The mountain is waiting, so grab you hiking shoes and let’s go! During the summer Graz has many more interesting activities to offer. Even with a small budget there is a lot to discover. Take a look at the best excursions in Graz! We are even prepared for bad weather with our bad-weather-programme in Graz!


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