Studying and living in Graz – 7 advantages of the city of culture & pleasure

Written by: Christina Pichler, July 3, 2020


Are you considering studying in Graz and are not sure yet whether the city is the right option for you? We will explain what makes the capital of Styria so unique and why it is a paradise, especially for students!

The best of both worlds

Graz is the capital of Styria. If you think you will only find Styrians there, you are very wrong. Graz unites people from all over Austria and beyond. As the second largest city in the Alpine republic, Graz
is not a metropolis. However, the Styrian capital with a population of over 443,000 (2019) has left the character of a small town far behind.
The greatest thing about Graz is that opposites converge here and the city is both urban and cozy.

What this means for you: you get the characteristics of a big city – are able to use a comprehensive and constantly expanding public transport network, can enjoy new infrastructure as well as cultural
projects which are constantly being implemented. On the other hand, Graz offers you many places of retreat, quiet neighborhoods and a diverse nature. In short, you will find everything you need for a perfect student life.

Power to the students!

Graz is definitely establishing itself as a student hotspot in Austria. As the largest student city in the German-speaking area, Vienna is of course still a pioneer, but Graz has already overtaken the capital
in percentage terms. With over 60,000 students, you are in good company here and benefit from the fact that students make up such a large proportion of the total population. Of course, the word is spreading. Therefore it is no surprise that more and more foreign students are coming to Graz every year. If you have always wanted to live in an international environment, you’ve definitely come to
the right place.

Last but not least, the increase in students from all over the world is also a result of the extremely renowned universities and technical colleges. You do not have to worry about missing out on your
education here either!

Partys, Festivals und more

There is always something going on in Graz. The nightlife is booming – not least because of the high density of students. There is a wide variety of party locations where you can spend unforgettable nights. First, of course, the university district should be mentioned – a legendary walking mile that is directly adjacent to the Karl-Franzens-Universität (KF). Whether Kultus, Kottulinsky or Monkeys, the
well-known clubs are the meeting point for students. For more unconventional events, there is the Postgarage and the Music House, where DJ sets and other live performances take place on a regular
basis. We will tell you more about the best clubs in town in our guide!

Here is a small excerpt:

  • PPC: current hits and the best classics
  • Dom im Berg: unforgettable parties in the depths of the Schlossberg
  • Die Thalia: Celebrate with the best beats

You will also find many popular and interesting events away organised by the big clubs. There are, for example, the mild summer evenings at Citybeach Graz, where the upcoming night is welcomed with chilled DJ sets. The Parkhouse Café is also always worth a detour, as it often keeps the city park busy at night. In addition to the bees and flowers, the “Spritzerstände” also come to Graz in spring. The Karl-Franzens-University booth, which is located directly on the university grounds, is unbeaten.

However, all of the city’s universities host regular “Spritzerstände” during the summer months. Ultimately, the highlight of the summer party season is the USI festival, when thousands of partygoers celebrate in the sports area of ​​the Karl-Franzens-University. With seven different stages, you are guaranteed to hear your dream music genre here!

Historic and dynamic

Graz is a historically valuable city that has a long and turbulent history. You can see that in many historical buildings and the characteristic old town. However, there is always a fresh wind blowing through the city of Graz. A symbol of the courage to renew and innovate are many of the city’s best-known and most interesting buildings, such as the Murinsel, the Kunsthaus or the new university library, all of which were only built in the last 20 years.

A city to enjoy

Vienna may be the capital of Austria, but Graz bears the title “Capital of Pleasure”. With countless and diverse restaurants in the city center, cozy taverns on the outer limits of the city and a strongly pronounced coffee house culture, Graz gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax at every hour of the day. At the same time, you do not have to worry about your wallet: with a large number of student bars, you can enjoy the full potential of Graz for a good price. Incidentally, there are always farmers’ markets for gifted cooks and connoisseurs, where regional quality is a top priority and the delicacies are delightfully presented. After all, it is well known that the eye also eats. Speaking of the eye: In Graz, the eye also enjoys the look of the city. You will not find any boring concrete deserts here. Instead, you are getting a successful fusion of city and nature.

A lot to discover

Countless historically valuable buildings in Graz are waiting to be explored by you. The offer ranges from the state armory, where you can marvel at a wide variety of weapons and armor, to the Gösting castle ruins, which adorn the landscape high above Graz. You can find all the information about this in our guide about the best excursion destinations in Graz! If you want to learn more about the local culture and nature, there are numerous museums and exhibitions at your disposal, in which you can get to know all facets of Graz. Ultimately, Graz is also a perfect city for strolling and exploring. There is more to discover in the numerous streets, alleys and parks than can be described here. It is best if you take some time on a nice day, discover, and get to know your new favorite places on your own!

The Green Heart of Styria

Graz can be called an oasis of pleasure and wellbeing without a doubt. A decisive factor for this is the fact that 50 percent of the total area of ​​Graz is green. Therefore, we come to the last argument in favor of Graz: the city’s beautiful parks and forests. Regardless of whether you prefer to let your worries float away in the shade of the ancient, lush oaks of the city park and Augarten, or whether you prefer to go for a walk around the Hilnteich and the adjoining Leechwald: all options are open to you here. For hikers the right address is the Rosenhain, the Platte or the Plabutsch.

What makes Graz unique, however, is that all of these natural oases can be reached quickly and easily. Whether on foot, by bike or by public transport: none of these destinations are more than an hour away from the city.


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