The best tips on how to celebrate New Years Eve at home

written by: Christina Pichler, 10.12.2020

A long and very extraordinary year is coming to an end. Many big events won’t be able to take place but there are still numerous opportunities to celebrate the turn of the year appropriately. This year, one question arises for all party animals out there: What do you do on New Year’s Eve when you are celebrating at home?
And this is exactly what we will answer you today:

Many may think this sounds boring at first, but actually, celebrating NYE at home has so many advantages!

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home means: No long queues in front of clubs or toilets, for a glass of champagne you just have to go to the fridge and you definitely won’t have to fight your way to the bar for about half an hour. Moreover, you can dance as wildly and exuberantly as you want but also sit down and get cosy on your couch one second later. Eventually, you can be sure that you will still find your way to bed even after xy glasses (you even stopped counting) of champagne.

We have collected some ideas for you to make your New Year’s Eve at home a real blast!

1. Motto Party

Pajamas or glitter dresses, 90s, superheroes or just bad taste – you choose the look of the evening! And if you don’t adhere to the dress code, no getting in for you today! ;)
You can decorate your apartment according to the theme too! Balloons, confetti, star splatters and maybe you will even find a disco ball!

2. Gamenight

Maybe you got a new game for Christmas that you really want to try out. Now is the perfect time to engage your friends in a round of “The Settlers of Catan” or “Activity” while waiting for the New Year. If you and your friends prefer to play something a little more exciting, we found the best party games for you! Another tip: karaoke! Everyone sings their favorite hits from the past year!

3. Wellness Evening

Have you had enough stress, excitement and hectic rush in the past year? Do you just want to relax and start the new year in peace? Maybe even celebrate New Year’s Eve by yourself? How about a relaxed wellness evening, where you can take a lot of time for yourself? Face mask, beard care or taking a bath – maybe even with a glass of wine on the side.
You can also have a chill night with friends: make face masks, order pizza and watch your favorite films (or the new years eve classic “dinner for one”) at midnight you can watch the fireworks from the balcony, because New Year’s Eve can be very relaxed as well.

4. New Year’s Eve in the mountains

Is the city too crowded for you on New Year’s Eve? Fireworks are too loud? Your dogs are afraid of the noise and you actually prefer to have some rest? How about celebrating New Year’s Eve in the mountains? In Austria there are many huts that you can rent out on New Year’s Eve, but beware this option is very popular in this country, so it is advisable to think early of whether you prefer tiled stoves and snow-covered landscapes to the New Year’s Eve of the city.

5. New Year’s Eve Traditions

For all those who long for more happiness or love in the New Year, there are many different traditions around the world that you can try out this New Year’s Eve. In Greece, a coin is baked into a piece of bread on New Year’s Eve, and whoever finds it has a happy year ahead of him. In Brazil you wear white, in Denmark you smash old dishes for new happiness and in Italy red underwear is said to bring a lot of love on New Year’s Eve in the New Year. Just try it out!

6. Lucky charms

Many of the symbols that we take for granted today as a matter of course for luck are several hundred years old and originated from legends and sagas or even superstition. In the early Middle Ages, for example, the pig stood for wealth. Hanging horseshoes should keep evil spirits away and the chimney sweep should drive away all misfortune and instead bring luck as a savior in need!
Instead of lucky pigs, clover leaves and the chimney sweep, this year you could just make your own fortune cookies and surprise your friends or family with a lucky charm that is also a great dessert.

7. Pouring lead (a fortune telling method)

Lead pouring is a tradition that has been around for a long time, at least in Austria. But lead and the resulting vapors can damage the central nervous system, Stiftung Warentest warns. A more sustainable and healthier alternative is wax casting. Don’t worry, wax casting is very easy. Instead of lead, you simply melt a piece of wax over a candle and then quickly pour the melted wax into a container with ice-cold water. This creates a symbol, a figure or a pattern that predicts something about your coming year.

8. New Year’s oracle

For you and your friends it isn’t certain enough to let a wax figure predict the next year? Do you want to know more? So how about a little New Year’s Eve oracle? You could lay tarot cards or read the horoscopes of your zodiac signs together. Of course, you don’t have to believe everything you read, but it’s always great fun!

9. Vision Board

For all those who do not want to read their fate from the stars, but simply take it into their own hands, we recommend making a vision board. A vision board is a collage of pictures that should serve as a source of inspiration! All you need is a background (e.g. poster paper), a few printed pictures or quotes from magazines and a few pens. When you have everything together, you position quotes and pictures the way you like them, maybe write down a few goals of your own and create your own vision board. It’s best to hang it over your desk or put it in a place you often pass by. The more often you have your goals in mind, the more likely they will become reality!

10. Drinks

Whether at home or in the club, alone, as a couple or with a few friends: what should not be missing at a good party are of course the drinks! Here you have many options; it is best to think of your guests when choosing your drinks – team beer pong or team “Feuerzangenbowle”? “Jagertee” or hot chocolate with rum?
With a mini bar you are definitely always on the safe side. Also important: buy enough soft drinks and juices!
Here you will find a great recipe for the so-called Feuerzangenbowle!

11. Food

A New Year’s Eve party with friends doesn’t necessarily need an extravagant 5-course meal that makes you spend several hours in the kitchen. Many people celebrate New Year’s Eve in the classic way with raclette or cheese fondue. Why don’t you just give it a try?
Bonus tip: A pot of chilli as an after-midnight snack is good to fill some empty stomachs and is also supposed to prevent a hangover.

12. Midnight Surprise

Instead of big fireworks, you can pull another ace up your sleeve at midnight! Surprise your loved ones with a champagne pyramid, a homemade cake or maybe even something very special like table fireworks. On a very important note: At midnight, there is dancing in Austria! Listen to Strauss’ Danube Waltz in three-quarter time and do the waltz!

13. New Year’s Breakfast

Whether you party until the early hours of the morning or wake up well rested on January 1st, the perfect start to the New Year is guaranteed with a good New Year’s breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bread rolls and one or two headache tablets are definitely a must! The best way to start the new year is with good food!

The STUWO team wishes you a happy new year!


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