Study Guide Innsbruck: Tips & insights for students in Innsbruck

Written by: Christina Pichler, Jun 15, 2023

The capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck, is a city that has everything you can wish for as a student: connection to nature, alpine scenery, numerous universities, several dormitories and leisure activities. 36,000 students from all over the place – from Salzburg, South Tyrol and Germany – study at the universities and UAS in Innsbruck. This study guide shows you all the different universities in Innsbruck and provides you with tips concerning financing, housing, free time and student life.

Study in Innsbruck: Colleges and universities in Innsbruck

Innsbruck has become a student city with its eight institutions for higher education, including three universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), three universities and two educational centres. In this article, we explain the differences between UAS and universities and show you their advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks to the numerous universities, you can choose among different study programmes: pharmaceutics, international economics, archaeology, politics, medicine, literature, law, education and pedagogy, psychology, dietetics and much more! If you haven’t picked a study programme yet, here is a guide for picking the right degree!

There are public and private universities and educational centres in Innsbruck, which we will present now.

Public universities in Innsbruck

There are five public educational facilities in Innsbruck:

  1. The University Innsbruck, aka the Leopold-Franzens University, includes 16 departments and 83 institutes. The list of study programmes is almost endless. In addition to „typical“ degrees such as pedagogy, German literature, mathematics and psychology, there are more unusual study programmes, for example the science of the atmosphere. To get used to life on campus, you can attend campus tours, information events and introductory courses at the beginning of the term.
  2. The Medical University of Innsbruck is the place to be for future physicians and veterinarians. You can also study molecular medicine here. There is an application procedure for all degrees. Research, education and patient care are central concepts.
  3. Future kindergarten teachers, after-school teachers and teachers study at the Pedagogical University Tyrol. You can get your bachelor or master’s degree or attend complementary studies, academic classes or courses for lateral entrants. There are also further and additional training programmes available.
  4. At the fhg – UAS for Healthcare (Centre for Healthcare Professions Tyrol), there are 10 bachelor programmes, 14 master programmes and 13 academic courses. For example, optometry, dietetics, ergo therapy, speech therapy, obstetrics, nursing care and more. Tuition fees are €363.36 per term.
  5. At the Educational Centre West for Healthcare Professions you can study different medical assistance professions, general healthcare professions and preventive medical professions. These degrees are mostly diploma programmes. Furthermore, you can choose several specialisations and further training.

Private universities in Innsbruck

There are three private institutions for higher education in Innsbruck:

  1. At the MCI (Management Centre Innsbruck) you can choose different study programmes in economics, society, technology and life sciences. These degrees can also be done as part of an extra-occupational education. The tuition fees are €363.36 per term.
  2. The Tyrolean Private University UMIT offers study programmes in psychology, mechatronics, electrical engineering, economics, health and sports tourism, healthcare sciences and more. There are bachelor, master and doctoral studies. Since it’s a private university, you must pay tuition fees.
  3. The Pedagogical Church UAS offers education in several areas: teachers for primary and secondary education, religious, social and elementary pedagogy. There is a variety of further training.

Grants for students: financial support during your studies in Innsbruck

An important aspect of your studies is financing. Not all parents can support their children during their studies. Many students need a mini job, a scholarship or rely on the family allowance.

STUWO tip: In our category “finance tips” you can find numerous articles about study financing – from saving money to grants to financial support.

Grants and financial support

In addition to general aids, allowances and grants by the Federal ministry, which we explained in this article, Tyrol and the city of Innsbruck offer specific financial support:

  • Rent Subsidy (Mietzinsbeihilfe): If you have had your main residence in Innsbruck for at least two years and live in a free-financed apartment, you are eligible for a rent subsidy. Students may not earn more than €980 per month and receive €175 on a flat rate basis. More information is available here!
  • Promotion Prize for Students by AK Tyrol: The Association for Employees and Workers Tyrol supports students who are writing their master or doctoral thesis on economic, social, work-related and cultural topics concerning employees. Topic proposals are published here!
  • Grants by the “Landesgedächtnisstiftung”: Students in proven dire social situations who don’t receive a federal study allowance can get financial support for their academic education. You can apply here!

STUWO tip: The Association for Employees and Workers Tyrol (AK) has a great overview of all types of financial support for students in Innsbruck!

Social support in financial hardship

It can happen quite quickly that your money runs out at the end of the month. For these difficult situations, there are different organisations that can help you out financially:

  • Social Initiative „Helping Hand“: Students at the Leopold-Franzens University can apply for a support in financial emergencies. You must explain your situation in the application, which you can do online!
  • ÖH Social Funds: For students in dire times, there is a one-time payment from the ÖH. You can hand in your application per email or per post! Keep in mind that it takes two months to process. More information is available at the ÖH!

Emergency Funds of ÖH Innsbruck: The Department for Social Matters at the ÖH Innsbruck is your best address for financial questions and problems. If you have financially hard times, the ÖH Innsbruck can help you out with the Emergency Funds. More information here!

Scientific awards of the City of Innsbruck

The city of Innsbruck awards young researchers the Award for Scientific Research. Once a year the award amounting to €20,000 is handed out for research projects at the Medical University or University of Innsbruck in the field of sciences and humanities. The universities place the call for tender.

Furthermore, the City of Innsbruck promotes research and innovation at the Management Centre Innsbruck with €5,000. Researchers and teachers at the MCI can receive a grant for their research projects if they are under the age of 35 and have finished their postdoctoral programme within the last five years. The MCI places the call for tender.

Every year, Tyrol and the City of Innsbruck award the Nick-Müller-Grant for research projects by students from Tyrol at the University of New Orleans, since this is the partner city of Innsbruck.

Student City Innsbruck: Housing options for students

Shared flats, your own apartment or a student accommodation? On the website of the ÖH you can find offers for students! In a shared flat, you need to take care of administrative tasks and coordinate it with your flatmates. Your own apartment is a lot of responsibility and work. Living in a student accommodation combines the best of both worlds: peace and quiet in your own room and community and connection in common areas. We have an article on the advantages and disadvantages of living in a shared flat, your own apartment or in a student accommodation!

The STUWO Innsbruck dormitory not only offers you your own four walls, but also common areas such as common kitchens, a wellness area, a gym, green terraces, a garden and music rehearsal rooms. The all-in rent includes all ancillary and operating costs. Furthermore, there are many STUWO benefits such as free WIFI in the dormitory, a ski storage room, free room cleaning and a bicycle storage room. The student accommodation is located only 10 min from the University of Innsbruck and only 15-30 min from the closest ski area. And the most important aspect: Community is our number 1 priority so that you feel at home!

Student life in Innsbruck: study cafés, leisure activities & discounts

Innsbruck is truly the perfect student city. Not only because of the numerous educational centres, but also because of the numerous student discounts. Cinema tickets at Cineplexx, Metropol Kino and Leokino are cheaper for students. Several museums in Innsbruck have student prices, for example the Audioversum, Alpenverein Museum and Stadtmuseum. There is always something going on in Innsbruck: cultural events, exhibitions, musical events, sports events and social gatherings! Discover these interesting events in the event calendar!

Furthermore, there are plenty of places to grab a cup of coffee or snack and study in Innsbruck. At Barefoot Coffee & Bar you can study for hours after a delicious breakfast. At Café Galerie you can reward yourself for your intense study sessions with a cocktail. Do you prefer to study outside and combine your sessions with a barbeque? There are numerous places for barbeques free of charge in Innsbruck.

So that you can get around in Innsbruck easily, you can buy the Climate Ticket for Tyrol for €238.50. The semester ticket for Innsbruck costs €145.70 and for Tyrol €190.90.

STUWO tip: You can get your Mensabon at the ÖH office for some cheap meals at the cafeteria in your university or UAS!

Study in Innsbruck: General tips for students

We have some general tips for you so that your studies in Innsbruck are successful and easier:

  • Get yourself a semester or climate ticket in the beginning!
  • Attend information events by the ÖH, university or UAS!
  • Are you new in the city? Then discover the city and cultural scene. If you just moved to Innsbruck, don’t forget to register your new residence.
  • Build a network of peers, friends and flatmates. Here are tips on how to find friends at university!

STUWO tip: These apps will make your daily life as a student easier!

Conclusion: Innsbruck as a remarkable student destination

Innsbruck is definitely a student city and offers everything you need for a balanced, productive and exciting student life. If you are about to start your studies or a freshman, we have some great tips for you!


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