Slow Living: The deliberate deceleration of life

Written by: Helene Ausserwöger, 07.03.2024

In this incredibly fast-paced world, where we are constantly rushing from one task to the next, the desire to lead a slower and more conscious life is rapidly growing. In an attempt to try and escape the pressure and stress of our daily lives a new way of living has emerged – “Slow Living.” When it comes to “Slow Living”, or “Mindful Living”, the focus is primarily on taking a step back from the busy lifestyle and taking a more calm, serene and mindful approach. The point is to decelerate and be able to enjoy life in its entirety again. But what exactly does Slow Living entail and why is it gaining so much significance in today’s society? In this Blog, we will show you the advantages of Slow Living and give you tips and tricks on what you can do to start integrating it into your daily life.