Grätzl Guide: Student life in the 7th district (Neubau) in Vienna

Written by: Helene Ausserwöger, 02.05.2024

The 7th district, better known as Neubau, is home for some of Vienna’s most popular Grätzeln – and rightfully so, as this district in the heart of Vienna is full of cultural diversity, historical landmarks, and trendy hotspots. From the MuseumsQuartier to charming cafes and boutiques, to hidden courtyards – the 7th district has something to offer for everyone. Right in the midst of this vibrant Grätzl, STUWO has set up a student accommodation in Kenyongasse, offering students a cosy and welcoming residence. Join us as we show you the charms of the STUWO student residence Kenyongasse and uncover the hidden treasures and must-see spots of the 7th district.