Autumn in Graz: 13 great tips for students

Written by Hannes Wagner, 01.10.2021

As a student city and the green heart of Styria, Graz has a lot to offer, even in autumn. When leaves turn orange, chestnuts begin to fall to the ground and the seasonal, Austrian delicacy “Sturm” is served, summer is officially over. University starts again and everyday life slowly returns to normal. We have the best tips for your autumn in Graz so that you can make the most of this season and don’t miss any seasonal highlights.

1. A walk around the city

Are you new to the city or do you simply want to discover Graz from a completely new perspective? Great! The capital of Styria offers many different types of (city) tours that show you new neighbourhoods, bars and beautiful locations. But you don’t want a boring city tour filled with details and historical facts? Neither does Graz! That’s why our first tip isn’t a history lesson but a mini adventure!

  • How about a beer tour (every Friday from 5pm), where you can taste a big variety of beers in Graz?
  • Maybe you want to participate in the Veggie Walk where you get to know the best vegetarian hotspots in Graz (every Wednesday from 5-8pm).
  • You want to get the perfect overview of the city? Then hop onto a convertible bus tour on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). They even offer special full moon bus tours!

2. A stroll in the Stadtpark

The Graz Stadtpark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been protected since 1987. It’s the largest public park in Graz and definitely worth a visit, especially in autumn. Whether you do sports, go for walks or meet friends, the Stadtpark is the perfect location for enjoying the autumn atmosphere under the chestnut trees. You’ve been to Stadtpark many times and would rather discover something new? No problem, here you can find a list of the most beautiful parks in Graz.

3. Drinking “Sturm”

In autumn, everyone drinks Sturm. Sturm is “new wine” (grape must that has just started to ferment). Whether you drink red or white Sturm, be aware that its alcohol content will hit you like a storm (hence the name Sturm). There is a special and typically Styrian type of Sturm called “Schilchersturm”. It’s made from Blaue Wildbacher grapes and impresses with its light red colour and sweet taste. Sturm tastes best when served cold. By the way, Sturm is only in season from the beginning of September to the end of October. So, you better be quick! 

4. Aufsteirern

Aufsteirern is a Styrian folk culture festival that takes place every year on the first Sunday after school starts and is the largest folk cultural event in Austria with over 100,000 visitors. Folk dance, folk costume and folk music are essential components of this event. Since it was hardly possible to organise large events this year, there are the so-called “Aufsteirern – Hofkonzerte”.

This solution makes sure that everybody gets their dose of Styrian folk culture. For this event, the city centre of Graz will be filled with a folk-cultural programme. Where will it take place? In the Landhaushof, Burghof and in the courtyard of the Chamber of Agriculture, among other places. Here you can find more information about Aufsteirern.

5. Student Parties

As universities open their doors again in October and students from all over Austria find their way back to their student accommodations and shared flats, there are many reasons to celebrate. For first-year students, there is usually an introductory week with an attractive evening programme in addition to university tours and first lectures. The best thing to do is to ask your university and your student representatives about the best events.

6. Autumn Fair

The Autumn Fair takes place in Graz from 30 September to 4 October. Here you can enjoy design, tradition, entertainment and culinary delights every day between 10am and 6pm. Whether you visit the amusement park, the art pavilion or take a stroll among the countless fair stands, you’ll get your money’s worth here.

7. Bars

When the nights get longer and the weather turns colder, countless bars in Graz invite you to have a drink. Whether you go to the famous scene bar “Die Scherbe” or settle down at “Brot und Spiele” to end the evening with a round of snooker, billiards, darts or chess is entirely up to you. You don’t know your way around Graz yet? Don’t worry, here you’ll find the best student pubs in Graz.

8. Buschenschank

A hearty Brettljause(a traditional Austrian meal) accompanied by a glass of wine are a must when visiting a Buschenschank. Although Buschenschanks are usually located on the outskirts of the city, they are easy to reach from Graz and allow you to unwind and enjoy the cosy flair. 

9. Museum

If the weather throws a spanner in the works and a visit to the Buschenschank or Spritzerstand falls into the water, Graz offers countless alternatives to make the most of a rainy day. For example, a visit to the Kunsthaus Graz. The “Friendly Alien” has become one of Graz’s architectural landmarks and invites you to engage with contemporary art. We have put together a list of the best museums in Graz!

Here you can find more ideas for the perfect bad weather programme in Graz.

10. Zotter Chocolate Manufactory

Another autumn excursion tip around Graz is a visit to the Zotter Chocolate Manufactory. Enjoyment is a top priority here. You can taste your way through many chocolates on a chocolate enjoyment tour or learn more about the production of chocolate in the chocolate shop theatre. Afterwards you can choose from around 500 different chocolates in the Zotter shop. 

Opening hours: Mon to Sat, 9am – 6:30pm (closed on Sundays and public holidays)

11. Hiking on the Schöckl

Many different hiking routes and even a cable car lead up to the local mountain of Graz. But you can’t just hike on the Schöckl, you can also paraglide and hang glide, climb to dizzy heights in the climbing park or ride your mountain bike in the trail area. We have the best hiking trails in and around Graz!

12. Murradweg: running & bicycling

Another tip for all athletes and bike fans: the Mur Cycle Path runs right past Graz and offers you a varied, sporty autumn programme. Whether you’re planning a long bike ride with friends or want to go for a quick run after university, the Murradweg is the perfect location! You can find more running trails in and around Graz here!

13. Concerts (haus.kultur)

Haus.kultur, the Styrian neighbourhood concerts, have set themselves the task of creating meeting places for artistic journeys. The concerts of haus.kultur do not take place in conventional event areas, but in the middle of the everyday living space of Graz. In addition to the Volkskundemuseum and the ÖBB assembly hall, some concerts also take place in the Dom im Berg and in the Ennstal housing group. Here you can find this year’s programme of haus.kultur. Rock, classical, hip hop or indie – Graz has something to offer for everyone.

Convertible bus tour, autumn fair or court concert… As you can see, Graz offers a wide range of activities in autumn. Art, culture and sport offer you a colourful and extensive programme to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and to get through the first grey days of autumn!

Want to have more inspiration and tips? Here you can find some free activities in Graz!


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